Vacancy Review

by Patiche (larts AT juno DOT com)
May 12th, 2007

Written by: Mark L. Smith (screenplay)
Directed by: Nimrod Antul
Produced by: Hal Lieberman
Genre: Drama/Horror
Running time: 1:45 min
Theatrical Release: April 20, 2007
Distributor: Screen Gems pictures
The Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson, Framl Whaley,
Ethan Embry

"Vacancy" is your typical slasher horror flick; first of all it's predictable. However, director Nimrod Antul leaves the viewer with some goodies, and entertainment that horror fans will find enjoyable, and eye dropping. "Vacancy" also attracts the viewer's attention with its interesting resemblance of Alfred Hitchock's 1959 thriller "Psycho." He leave us with the very thought of getting stranded on a highway, and ending up at a very bizarre Motel indeed freighting, and heart pounding in his very joltingly scary horror flick "Vacancy."
In Nimrod Antul's "Vacancy" we see a slightly different twist of horror, we see a Motel management and an entourage of killers that specialize in a much more brutal acts of murder then we saw at the Bates Motel. We also see the director's skillful direction as he directs our attention to a deserted & creepy motel and its antics of horror and murder. I actually found this movie enjoyable, because it is a short, and entertaining horror movie to say the least. The ending certainly leaves the viewer anxious, and wanting more. The cast overall is pretty good, "Vacancy" offers a fairly good script with a well-balanced and complete storyline that is sufficient.

In this movie, a married couple portrayed by Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson car brakes down on a dark, and deserted highway. They meet a kind stranger who fix their vehicle and directs them to a deserted gas station, they encounter the same problem with their vehicle breaking down again. Soon they find themselves at a creepy eerie and dirty Motel where the screams of women, and the sudden banging at their motel door becomes alarming.

Later they make a grim discovery of murders at their motel when they see video movies left in their room on top of the TV which features murders that have taken place in their motel room. Meanwhile this married couple discover the horrible business adventure of this motel as a film operation with its focus and cinematic themes of murder, and its victims are people who have lodged at this motel. This married couple suddenly find themselves in a life and death triangle that's surround with an entourage of killers who hunt them down with constant taunts, rampage, and an endless determination to capture, and kill them.

Will they survive their intended fate of death? You'll find out when you see this horror movie.

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, "Vacancy" is a short, sweet, and entertaining horror movie that horror fans will enjoy. While its resemblance of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" doesn't quite match, "Vacancy" is a movie that offers some very entertaining jolts, spoofs, and horror that's worth a watch on a Friday or Saturday night at home or your local theater. The cast provide convincing acting roles that work quite well along with a good storyline, and script that scores fairly well. As for its ambiance and cinematography its eerie, dim, dirty, and misty atmosphere is very will done and carries the appearance of this movie to a suitable spooky horror flick.

Overall "Vacancy" gets 3 stars.

Reviewed by Lisa Smith
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