Valkyrie Reviews

Valkyrie Review
by Homer Yen
Whatever opinion you had after watching Tom Cruise (TC) jumping on Oprah's couch and the opinion you will have of him after seeing him on the big screen will be as far apart as winter in the Alps and summer in the Caribbean. Maybe this particular...more

Valkyrie Review
by Mark R. Leeper
CAPSULE: VALKYRIE is the story of Claus von Stauffenberg and his attempt in World War II to save Germany by murdering Adolf Hitler during a meeting at the Wolf's Lair. How good can one expect to be a film about Stauffenberg...more

Valkyrie Review
by Steve Rhodes
Always interesting -- but it should be absolutely mesmerizing -- VALKYRIE does provide solid entertainment value. In the days and weeks after you see it, you'll likely to be thinking frequently about the true story it reveals, but you'll probably...more