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Starring: Fabrizio Borsani, Teo Gheorghiu, Julika Jenkins, Bruno Ganz, Urs Jucker, Kristina Lykowa, Eleni Haupt, Daniel Rohr, Tamara Scarpellini, Heidy Forster, Norbert Schwientek, Livia S. Reinhard, Daniel Fueter, Thomas Mathys

Director: Fredi M. Murer
Release Date: June 29th, 2007
MPAA Rating: PG
Studio: Sony Pictures Classics
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Box Office Total: $186,492
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Synopsis: The film tells the story of a highly-gifted boy whose parents have demanding and ambitious plans for him - they want him to become a pianist. However, one day the boy, Vitus, is no longer willing to comply with his parents' plans and ambitions because he wants to follow his own star.

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