Ayelet Zurer Joins 'Angels & Demons'

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer has nabbed the female lead opposite Tom Hanks in Columbia Pictures’ “Da Vinci Code” prequel “Angels & Demons.”

Story centers on religious art scholar Robert Langdon (Hanks), who once again finds himself entangled with powerful forces with ancient roots: the Illuminati -- the most powerful underground organization in history -- and the Catholic Church. Zurer will play Vittoria Vetra, an Italian scientist who joins forces with Langdon.

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I'm a huge fan of the book and I have been looking forrawd to this movie more than any other movie in let's say two years. But, how much a fan I ever am of Ewan Mcgregor (absolutely love him), I had hoped for a pure Italian actor to play the part of the Camerlengo.I do have faith in Mcgregor (I mean, there's a reason why he was cast), but he's just not THE ONE Camerlengo for me. The character is so powerful and enigmatic that I have a hard time picturing beautiful singing and Star Wars-known Mcgregor in the part. However, I AM excited to see the movie. Can't wait another year!

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