Ja Rule & Vin Diesel Next Hollywood Duo?

In a recent interview with MTV, Rapper Ja Rule told of his hope to become Hollywoods next dynamic duo with Vin Diesel - who both are appearing in the upcoming 'The Fast and the Furious 2' and 'Riddick'.

"Obviously 'Fast and the Furious [2]' is going to pick up where we left off ," he said. "They're going to bulk up my character a bit. We're gonna get to see Edwin Bishop a little bit more this movie. And 'Riddick' is, ... it's not scary, but it's like a creature movie. It's like 'Pitch Black 2.' We're on another planet and it's crazy. These creatures come out only in the dark, and we can only see in the dark."

"Vin's my dog," he continued. "I shout him out on 'Smokin and Ridin' on my album [Pain Is Love]. He was in the studio with me that night when I recorded that. We were in there chillin'. I can't wait 'til we get going to Australia to shoot 'Riddick' and in Miami to shoot 'Fast and Furious 2.' "

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