Shannon & Swift Tapped For 'Friday the 13th'

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift have been tapped to write "Friday the 13th," the remake of the horror classic being produced by Platinum Dunes for New Line.

Paramount released the original "Friday" in 1980, making Jason -- the unstoppable hockey mask-wearing killer -- a horror icon, though the serial killer made only a brief appearance in the final frames of the first movie and never killed anyone. Jason didn't even don the famous mask until the third movie.

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Tyler Baker
Hey yall need to send me some information about this movie jason kicks ass man. send info to [email protected]
Tyler Baker
Hey yall need to send me some information about this movie jason kicks ass man. send info to [email protected]
Bringing back J
It's his mother who kills all the teenagers at the lake in the first movie. If they keep true to the story Jason won't be in it. But since they usually never keep true in remakes they will mess it up.
omg u cant bring jason back in the remake unless you do the mother killing the counclilers at the start and she gets killed by the police. jason sees it happen then gets revenge on anyone who enters his domain. basically camp crystal lake, or as it is know thorugh all the other Friday the 13th films including JasonX and Freddy Vs Jason. Camp Blood. hope its better than the original and that you actually see the face of the killer all the way through the film
I want more info on this film so email me at liam-dudley"
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