Knights and such from KOTOR

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I really really enjoy playing the game Knights of the old Republic. The characters are so funny at times. This is a thread where anyone can comment on the characters...if no one really posts...then I'll be forced to bombard you all with little inputs on each character.....I'll wait a hour or two or a day, but then you'll get it....
BTW the characters are:
player character
Bastila Shan
Carth Onasi
Jolee Bindo
Mission Zao

Who's your fav....and why
What is your fav planet or Leviathan. Unknown world, forge....
What color lightsaber do you tend to use most....

Bastila's healing powers definitely help....often I am too busy beating up the enemy to remember to heal properly.....also it's funny to make her mad at you....the conversations are much more interesting that way...
As with most of the characters in the game, the voice acting and script are pretty good.

Carth's nice enough but they're stronger characters you can play with....two pistols work best with him.

MIssion Zao is just a kid.....she has a funny conversation if you have her and Bastila in your party...I've gotten it on Tatooine, b ut you could probably get it on the others as well..... when you go to the sand people complex to save her no good could take her along on the way back across the dune that time...the desert is fairly safe...I only say that because getting jumped by sandpeople is usually somehting you want your jedi to handle

by the looks of it jules, you're the only one who has the game on x-box

*sigh * I suppose so......but when it comes out on PC...the basics of it will be the same.....maybe by that time you can chat with me about are planning on getting it right??????
oh well if it's a one way conversation.....for now...I'll still babble.
Juhani's a powerful character to have in your party......she struggles with the dark side, but it's interesting to listen to her story.....keep the captions on and you can read through it faster than she talks a game with 14000 lines of's sometimes good to speed things up a bit......second third and fourth times through

First of all, how do I get an icon under my name?

Second. Kotor is a LOT of fun. UNfortunatly my computer's RAM died recently and I cant afford a new stick yet, so Galaxies has to wait for me to dominate again.

I bought KOTOR to satisfy my needs.

I have not gotten very far yet, but I am pretty sure I can turn Bastilla to the Dark Side with me. She tries to tell me shes worried about me but she should be worried about herself! I restarted the game so i could stop at lvl 3 soldier so when I get to dantooine I can immediatly jump to a lvl 5 Jedi. MUAHAHAHAHA. Force lighting is great. I think if Mission is HOT, and in my age range shifty (im only 21 stick out tongue ). I think Carth as well as Canderous, will soon find themselves tasting lightsaber, if only I could kill my party members for talking back =(. I had to kick Zaalbar out of the group early on cuz his voice is obnoxious and he might take Mission's attention from me. Juhani is tough and fell to the dark side once, I see her falling again shortly.... MAUHAHAHAHA. This game reaaally makes waiting to get a Jedi char in SWG bearable.

I don't know yet julie; for the moment I want to buy Jedi Academy and if I have enough money left Kotor; but it does seem like a nice game smile

I think I'll like Kotor even better than JA because I don't much care for first person shooters...I tend to get headaches with them which just leeches the fun out of it....besides KOTOR takes 20 some odd hours to beat,......which is just plain awesome...the replay value is definately there...because you can play as light and dark and there are so many different lines of dialogue.....I love the voice acting bit

Canderous is a merc.....he's somewhat heartless....and there are stronger players, but it's interesting to talk to him....his side story is one of the less interesting ones though

you can place the camera in 3D instead of first person jules wink

well; 20 some hours? then should give it a try smile

NOW you tell me....oh well...I already sold the game back to the store....JO that Ja that's a different story...perhaps I will buy it

JO? of course, that's an oldie now smile

Sorry I meant JOII.....outcast
uh kinda old but not ancient

Zaalbar's great to have withh you in the early levels.....he's got great flurry if you give it to him, but power attack isn't so strong.

Captain REX
When does it come out on X-box!?

btw, I'm here for character pictures!

Captain REX
Or not. Can't find my pics...

er...rex... it's out already

for pc, he meant

I heard of bad spelling ... but typing x-box and meaning pc...

currently it's still schedualed for Fall 2003... normally that's october-november but JA was for fall too and that's out september 16

Captain REX
Sorry, wasn't thinking, but apparently Dexx can understand my babbling... big grin

JA on the 16th eh? *starts saving up*

I dunno when it somes out for the pc.....but the web site might.....uh do a google or other search engine search for KOTOR

julie, I checked the official site winkstick out tongue

or that'll work too....though some times I have trouble finding things on official sites:-0

yeah, fansites are sometimes easier to navigate smile

it's by and far much funnier if you say the evil lines...

*points to self* me?

yes you......
Carth Onasi is the typical too good to be true hero.
He's good with two blasters....and defiately your friend for the first level..... you kill him later if you make him fall in love with you as a female character
The female romance plot includes Carth, and some of the conversations are just funny.

happy kine
i finished it with a male solder on the light side... i'm going to try a female on teh dark side... as soon as i beat malak. i don't think i did enough of the side missions... i will try to do them all as the female...

First off KOTOR is easily one of the best XBOX games to date. The meer depth of the game is amazing. The ability to stray between the Light and Dark side by simply answering questions a certain way is great. I have just logged in my 34th Hour of Play adn have all the star maps and have crashed on the unknown planet.

Julie I found Canderous' story to be one of the most interesting. Did anyone one else figure that when the astoriod he shot that had the spinning rock that took off toward the edge of the galaxy that he was refering to the Yuuzhan Vong? It was known that around that time they supposedly placed a single agent in the galaxy.....

The best though was the humorous Hk-47.

Ever played Deus Ex? It's set in the future you work for the government shutting down "terrorists" However upon finding out these people really aren't what the government makes them out to be and that the government is insanely corrupted, you've 3 paths to chose from. There are also multiple points at which you could kill this person or that person or help this person that can change the story, for instance rather or not your brother another agent dies. Also you're some what of a cyborg, upgrades allow you to resist gunshot wounds turn invisible see farther infared vision night vision targeting visions regenerate.

The best part is deus ex 2 is coming to xbox YAY! I think it's the only game I can name as in depth as KOTOR.

Ajunta Pall, I will def check out Deus EX for the box.

go to the bioware site...this is a funny thread

the characters in your party can also have side conversations....Bastila and Carth
Carth and Mission
Mission and Zaalbar
Mission and Bastila
Bastila and Jolee
Carth and Jolee
I haven't found any with Juhani though

Julie I know there's one between Canderous and Juhani, they talk about Cathar and Canderous says something about the bravery of Cathar warriors. Also my favorite part is between Jolee and HK-47, on Koraban outside the sith temple where that one guy is making those people stand and tricking them, Jolee says, why make them stand there, why not shoot them? Hk-47 says yes very efficent, that's what I would do, Jolee says, of course, that's what YOU would do.

I never heard that....I'll have to look for the one b/t Juhani and Canderous....after taris I usually didn't use Canderous

Canderous...I should use him more....I heard he actually encourages you sometimes when you're evil...not that I'm evil a lot of the time

There is a cheat glitch that can make any of your party members a jedi...but do NOT turn your PC into a jedi early because then you won't be able to use lightsabers.
Double bladed lightsabers are the best as far as balance...but dual lightsabers looks cooler

i am always on the dark path! i never play on the light side because they don't have cool powers like force lightning, drain life, and my personal favorite, which is death field!!

my favorte planet is Korriban and i use Bastilla a lot and she is really awesome with a lightsaber!!!

i love the meatbag references that HK-47 uses!!
by the way it is pronounced Mission Vao but you were very close!

i can't wait till december 6th for knights of the old republic 2!!!

Revan X
I have to say that mission last name is Vao not Zao but out of my favorite character's is HK-47. and i have it on PC

I have it on PC. Only a few more monthes to KOTOR 2!

Hk-47 was the best. Bastila is pretty cool too.

I usually go light side, but dark side sure gets you alot more credits.

I love jolee. Why? not because of side conversations, but... HE CAN TAKE DARK SIDE POWERS!!! its excelent, because i gave him death field *shudders* well it works bc he's a neutral jedi.

Yeah he's cool...the last few times through, I've even heard his extensive backstory...most of it at least.....have you heard it??

I've heard all of it. big grin Jolee's a very cool old man. Funny too.
The only thing I haven't been able to do is repair HK's functions and get all his storys before 'the thing happends' (I don't wanna ruin it for the peeps who haven't played the game yet).

There's also that conversation with Carth and Bastila when they talk about how she loses her lightsaber under the escape pod's seat. OMG, so funny! That's on taris though.
Bastila, I'm sorry to say, is my least favorite caracter though. She's just...annoying...all the time...forever and ever...

My favorite caracter...well, I'm not sure really. I like Juhani cause she's a russian cat woman (LMAO). I like Mission (yes, I know it's rare, but there are people who like her) because she's funny. Canderous is the dark side man, who is best according to my brothers... but I like him because he's a jugernaught with vibroblades. HK is just way too funny. LOL! Zalbaar is so fluffy, but it gets very annoying talking with him... he always sounds so sad and its the same sounds over and over. Carth has revenge problems, but he flirts and he's funny. I never use T3...soooo, lmao.

So anyways, hoping to get KOTOR2 on pc soon too.

I couldn't agree more with u. I totally hated her, and I really liked the part where she got tortured every time we didn't answer correctly. And the final fight where u get to kill her was just sweat.

I also liked Candorous (spelling?), can't say why. What he said about war and honor and stuff made sense, and he was also a good fighter.

and the thing is: Bastila wouldn' t of lasted as a sith. She's too open about her powerhungryness (lmao, im so sure that's not a word, but you get the point). If I were her sith master, I would of kept her on a tight leash for her battle meditation and then killed her afterwards.

But it just so happends, I'm no where near a sith master so I like letting her live....because I'm a nice person ....most of the time.

bastila was annoying

especialy on Dantooine where she asks u all those dumb questions

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