PS2 - Help Needed.

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k guyz i haven't gotten a game for a while. i want a PS2 game since my computer is gettin slow sad. anyone know any good PS2 games. im lookin for something with adventure or strategy. nothin to action type. nothin like Enter the Matrix or Max Payne (even though i thought Max Payne the first one was excellent.). any ideas?

i was thinkin of Prince of Persia but i have feeling that the game is too short and easy. o one more thing im lookin for a hard game. not too easy. thx guyz.

anny of the finalfantasy games oh and maybe splintercell

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i kno the perfect game my friend: GTA: Vice City its got Adventure and Strategy together smile

Michael Myers- I beat ALl the GTA games. Vice City wasn't that good in my opinion
El_barto- Splinter Cell i didn't like much...dunno y. no more FF im tired of RPG for now.

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oo ur a hrd one i dunno try Manhunt

Actually, I heard prince of persia : Sands of time is like a blessing to the action/adventure genre lol. I havent personally played it yet, but I hear nothing but good things about it. Perhaps you should just go rent a few of the latest ones and catch your opinions off of that smile

its either Prince of Persia or Silent Hill 3

SIlent Hill games- i LOVED all silent hill games. and this might be the best.

Prince of Persia- in my opinion it looks to easy. but i might be wrong

and ideas...

a good game that is kinda rpg is fable

Prince of Persia is amazing. Running on walls, do all these crazy aerobatic manuevers, its fantastic. If you like platforming with bits of adventure and action.

If you like platforming games, try either the Ratchet and Clank series or the Jak trilogy; both excellent. I personally own the 3 Ratchet and Clank games and think they are awesome. They're like to Sony as Mario is to Nintento or Master Chief is to Microsoft.

jak 3 was an amazing game! But i beat it in about 3 days

Do u like MGS if u do u should get number 3.

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yeah MGS:3 was prety long i found it easy just because i am real good at the mgs series, but yeah i would get that!

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