Super Smash Bros. Melee...........

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Super Smash Bros. Melee is by far the greatest game for the gamecube! Happy Dance Who agrees and who dont?

i agree....but the thing is that all fighting games shimmer....but all things that shimmer must fade....

Its one of the funnest for sure! thumb up

Its fun but the formula is pretty old... pseudo 3d fighting game with a mario kart twist of sorts in terms of random items.

Samus is my favorite character

SSBM has the longest game play time that I know of. It's the best value in terms of longtivity.

my favorite is marth.....falchions pwn joo!

Link. Best character their is in ssbm.

tha can be me....

Definatly debated amoungst all of my friends and at intercity tournaments I am realy good with Gannondorf, he is really slow and has the same move set compared to Cap Falcon but he is really powerfull he dominates.....BUT in the original SSB Nes was definatly the best character

Cap Falcon and Roy are the best characters! I like Zelda and Bowser too.

Gravity Kills
It is a good game but not the best or worst, that game that is the worst to me is metroid prime

yesMarth is the coolest

Prime will never have any grounds. Super Metroid was the best Metroid of all. They destroyed metroid by making it first person.

no it's not no offense to other people reason cuz there are other games that are better

I have to re-open this thread, have to. Who thinks that now with the DS being out and all, that SSBM will make it to the DS, or at least a version of it?

It was fun for a little while

I still use Samus. Friends yell at me when I keep shooting missles at 'em.

Phoenix Aska
Everyone knows that MArth is an unstoppable beast if used correctly.

I can prove it if I ever play any of you fellas...

Dont overlook the awesomeness of Link:-D

But there's also other good games for gamecube like the Zeldas for example, but this is by far the best multiplayer/party game. Metroid is too wierd.

Phoenix Aska
Resident Evil 4 is the best game for the gamecube...

However, other great games could be soul calibur II because of link, Mario Kart Double Dash, Tales of Symphonia, and Custom Robo.

gamecube = my party console, with SSB:melee, mariokart: double dash, mario power tennis (trust me with four people its fun and hilarious at times), eventually the new starfox and a few others that dont come to mind atm

oh yeah, theres also a ga,e from japan named naruto which plays like SSB but alot faster, its really the greatest game i've ever played for gamecube...too bad its strictly japanese

Phoenix Aska
unless you imported it...

yeah thats what a friend did, i didnt want to import it and get that import player...anyway, its a great fast-paced game

Phoenix Aska
I believe I've heard of that game a year or two ago..however it could be a different game...the japanese have tons more games than we do..

it's true...

i am sorry every one but if i got in the ring with any of you with roy i would kick your @$$es with a wire to wire vic and crowd fav

Phoenix Aska
SSj4 goku you're too would lose o me and Marth as because Roy is too slow as being compared to marth. The only thing that Roy has is power nothing more.

power which takes a while to execute, while marth has multiple smash move combo's, i've played a gauntlet against about 15 of my friends and i beat them all with fight took 40 minutes O_O

Mewtwo and Ganondorf are ridiculously powerful if used correctly

Phoenix Aska
they are all super slow mewtwo and gannondorf...marth and Sheik own. Link is good but like fox, he sinks like a rock.

Surprisingly, Dr. Mario is very good...I have not yet seen someone who is good with DK and I don't expect to ever see someone good with DK...

Ganon can knock a person another character out of bounds with one hit as can Mewtwo. If used correctly, they can dominate the game.

DK is a good character (the down B attack is probably the cheapest attack in the game)

I like it yes

im great with DK, ganon is a stronger capt. falcon but much slower

if used correctly anyone could be a really strong character, ness is probably the most technical character in the game, i've seen people use him really well

Sheik has all the speed, all you need to do is hit the enemy with a good series of attacks forcing them into the air and execute a good finishing move.

ahhhh smash bro melee, what a game. the gaming experience is definatly increased when you add alcohol, as my friends called it, drunken smash.

set up a tournament mode then play it through, the winner of each batte downs a pint or 2 shots, then this carries on until the final, then the winner downs 2 pints or 4 shots.

the winner of the tournament always ends up pretty merry, its a good laugh. especially with a group over 10 people.

Sheik has weak defense. One good hit from an opponent can send you flying.

Sheik always pwns me as Link confused cry

not really, one good hit if you have 120% health or so will send you flying but not to a point where you cant come back, anything lower is no big deal especially considering shieks speed

I would like to say that I would own you if I was Samus. Probably because I can snipe you from distance until you get lot damage, then charge beam.

Phoenix Aska
I've never been hit by gannon or capt falcon's special strong attack. Of course Roy's special attack held down for the maximum amount of time could easily kill someone who is already over 15% damage. It can't kill "All" people in one hit at 0%.

Computer Ganon is easy to beat. When I'm controlling Ganon, ya'll had watch out for my special attack young'uns! evil face

Hehe nothing beats the DK suicide!

Bah! The DK suicide technique is easily outmanuevered with a counterthrow! smokin'

i love the flying punch DK uses, the one that you have to time extremely well in order to smack the enemies straight down at a fast speed

I agree with Maverick, it's a good party game but there are definitely better games out there.

good game, but it's age shows. the sound and textures are being outmatched by newer games. it was a good game, but it got old.

Zelda: WW, metroid prime: echos. and mario sunshine are the best gamecube games.

ultimate muscle for GC is just as fun

this is a very tedious game. This is definitly a party game that requires illegal substances to be involved for enjoyment.

Mario Sunshine?! *shudder* I regret playing that game....
And I have to disagree about WW being better. As much as I love all things Zelda, WW is a weak link. SSBM whoops WW's a$$ I have to say.

lets compare the 2 shall we?

Graphics: the wind waker had a much more unique, and sharper graphical presentation, with a lerge variety of envirorments. good character models, and strong enviroments.

SSBM: had a limited number of small enviroments, 2d in nature, rendered in 3d. the envorments look fairly good, especially for a launch title. certain enviorments/backrounds look refreshing, while others look plain. the character renders are the best touches. character models are sharp, with a overall good look to them. most of the moves however are lacking in graphical effects.

Winner: WW

Sound: SSMB: a strong orchestrated musical score, filed with dozens of Nintendo classics. When I first put the game in my gamecube on christmas day, compared to the n64 it was like wow. 4 years later It has lost it's wow compared to newer games, but it still has strong presentation. the music does become tedious eventually however. the croud cheers are a nice touch, but some of the sound effects are cheesy and simplistic in nature, such as weapon effects.

WW: a wide variety of new and unique tunes. Most match the enviorment they are in, and are benificial to the expirience. very epic sounding in nature. the only area it lacks in is that it's verworld theme can become a bit tedious towards the final triforce hunts. Character sound effects a strong and diverse, with only the occasional character yelp or noise sounding odd while you talk to them.

winner: tie. I love smash bros orchestrated score, but zelda has crisper music, and it's less tiring.(excluding the overworld theme.)

controlls: simple controlls, they allow for simple moves. their is a layer of complexity hdden deep beneath this however, as one can spend ages owrking to get the dodge and counter throws perfected. one usually lacks the patience for this however. the z button throws are harder to pull off tdue to the clickyness of the button. c-stickl smash attacks speed things up considerably.

ww: the controls allow for easy gaemplay, with rolls, dodges, and item selection a breeze. there is never a movement problem in the game. the camera is extremely forgiving, and rarely creates trouble. target lock ons lock the camera, and with the item toggling on the buttons you have extrmely flowing battles. directing the wind is my only grievance, due to the times it can become a constant pain in the ass. most of the time , its smooth sailing.

winner: ww. the controls have more depth, and are overly more fun and enhance the expirience.

gameplay: this is the big one.

smash bros. a deep multi player driven gameplay, with a wide roster of characters, and a sturdy, if not sometimes cheap AI. the gameplay maily consist of the fights, and the gamemodes you can create. tournament mode allows for huge parties, and is a welcomed feature. the game looses points in it's aging department, as most players unlock 2/3 of the features after a sturdy play through. the multiple mini games are a nice feature, along with the different single player types.

WW: a single player only adventure. you either have a quick play through(in zelda terms), or a long adventure. the battle system is deep, with reactions and counter moves. the different assortment of skills, and items allow for a unique expierience, with stealth gameplay, giant fight scenes, and unique puzzles. the main point of focus is the overworld map in this game, unlike OOT's giant dungeons. their literally is a whole ocean to explore and map, with unique things on each sector.

one could only wish the enviroment was much more of a factor in the gameplay. when it rains heavily, the sailing doesnt become more difficult, nor do giant waves assault you. it is more of an ascetic change. and being abel to use the telescope while still sailing would have been nice.

gameplay: although lacking in multiplayer, WW just has much more depth.

its not all about graphics, WW used cel-shading and SSBM used regular cg, theres a huge difference there, not to mention the cg cutscenes in SSBM looked just like the gameplay which is something you dont get to see much of

what better way to incorporate a world of history (especially nintendo's) than having 2d objects in it? most of the characters all-star games happened on snes (and some even before that)

just because WW has better graphics (although cel-shading isnt something terribly hard to pull off) it also came out a good time after SSBM (SSBM 12-02-01, WW 03-24-03)

SSBM basically showed people the power of the gc, fast-paced with very few slow-downs and as good looking in-game as the cg, for me its the best gc game ever and i cant wait for the next one

ww controls have more depth? how about when picking different characters in SSBM and having to adjust to the way they move (example: DK and Shiek definitely dont play out the same, that goes for every other character also...yes, even mario and luigi)

first of all, SSBM has difficulty levels, which already gives it more depth than WW (not to mention quite a few unlockables), WW was a great game and it used a new aspect in the zelda series, but imo it definitely doesnt have more depth than SSBM, sure WW is more in-depth in storyline (i mean, SSBM is a fighting game) but in gameplay? definitely not

DaRk Lotus
I will rule you all with an Iron fist!!!!!!!!!!

SB: M is cool, but regular SB is better smile

i love em both

I still have to go with link on the who's best in this game, and I still think that a version for the DS will be released later on, they haven't put it into production, but they have debated going through with it, and there is a DBZ game coming out for the DS that will be almost the same as SSBM, or so Nintendo Power is saying anyway... I still hope they do though, and oh, by the way, there is only 2 people that have ever beaten me a SSBM, so don't go there about ruling with an Iron fist... ^_^ I happen to rule with bombs, a boomerang, a bow (with arrows), and a mythical sword that banishes all evil, and you guys are all evil! ^_^ lol!

I voted yes. Mario Kart: Double-Dash was cool too but it was no SSBM.

Punk Tiger
I said no but it is very very good, well it was just I grow tired of it.... not much to do on it, not much left to do big grin oh I'm good, top that!

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