is there gona be Donkey Kong release for Gamecube?!

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does anyone know?! smile

god i hope not. that game sucked giant ape balls.

but seriously, i havent heard any news on it, and if they were i figured they would have already released it or at least have word out about it by now considering it is one of nintendo's biggest franchises

Well the N64 DK was kinda dissapointing because the Diddy's Kong Quest was such a classic for a super nintendo game! I hope this time around its good. Thats one of my favourite games.

the super nintendo ones kicked a$$! well, i shall go ejaculate.

I've heard something, but it looks dumb, some puzzle game

I hope not. Rareware would have given up their game cuz their with Xbox now, that would mean that it would really suck, bad! sick no

diddy kong racing wasnt so bad, if it werent a complete mario kart ripoff. I dont think rareware has much talent left, I mean thier hit fps didnt even have a jump button (perfect dark , goldeneye 007)

No, I think Nintendo should focus all of their attention on the new Mario. raver

Well there IS a Donkey K game coming out, in not too long actually, but behold; 'tis a music game. Donkey Konga is the name...included with the game are these...drum controllers. Fact.
Could be fun though

Hell no! That sucks.....cant thaey make some classic game like DK2 again?! sad

That's one of the problems with Nintendomad Instead of making a kick ass kewl new Donkey Kong they turn into into some gay crap that requires special controllers! roll eyes (sarcastic)

That kind of stuff may fly in Japan but not in the US thumb down

the n64 one sucked but the super nintendo ones were pretty good but i hope one comes out for it

I agree they need to make a kick ass Donkey Kong game for gamecube mad

I liked the one for 64, but I never played it on SNES. The GC version will suck, so don't get your hopes up.

You really should play the snes one' of the best games made.

Yes, the DK series on SNES were superb, all 3 were very well done and each offered new challenges, and it was one of the few games you could play with a friend and you had to work together!!! I think they should make a sort of fighting game, giving DK all the moves he has in Super Smash Bros. and give it a sort of roleplaying feel, where you have to use your brain here and there and also get powerups, like the guns in the 3-d version they had a while back on 64. But make it better on GC

Yeah i agree. I really want them to remake the snes one's on gamecube!
Man that would boost there sales like crazy if they make a kick ass DK game.

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