Metal Gear Solid:Snake Eater

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I think its gona be sweet you have to hunt for food to stay alive and you have camouflage and you can climb trees and you can hide in logs its gonna be sweet!!!!! Happy Dance

Have you seen the trailor that's out for it? It looks awesome. I just can't wait to see what conspiracies awiat for Snake this time. Everytime I'm blown away by the story and plot twists. What will they be this time I wonder...... Oh yeah Happy Dance too

I can't wait for this game...It looks mad...
Hope it releases soon

i just hope theres no gay raiden crap in it

this game is gonna be so homo-erotic.... eating snakes? rofl

satsujin u have negative things to say about everything Metal gear looks sweet as hell WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! Happy Dance

Its not negative, Im hoping the game is great just like everyone else. But the whole running around the jungle shirtless eating snakes is just funny stick out tongue

Never heard about this game confused

But is it Snake? Rumor has it that it's set in the 60's, before Snake was "born" And he uses knives which Snake says in MGS2 he hates.

no if you see the trailerhe shoots a soldier in the head while hanging from a tree

Yeah he uses guns as well but apparently his eye is beaten up just like his "fathers" Big Boss

We actually get to see big boss this time

SpikeSpiegel - The thing that will be replacing the radar. It looks cool

Uh, in case you guys didn't no, snake eater is a sequel. But it is true that you need to eat to stay alive. But god, i hope they Don't make it as wierd as the second one.

But it is set in the 60's so unless the whole game is a VR simulation of some sort it doesn't seem likely to be set after MGS2

Even on the official website it admits it's set in the sixties.

this game will rock, you can wear a alligator thus it will be the greatest

Can't wait for the game, MGS has to be my all time fav! i think i'm the only person that actually liked playing as Raiden, it made a change! gave you something else to think about! can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!

Red Superfly
Um OK, nothing is concrete yet, but I'd have to go with the fact that this is set BEFORE everything else.

Just because it's a sequel doesn't mean it cannot go back in time for a "flash back" of Big Boss.

My guess (and I hope) is that you play as Boss to discover WHY he was used for the super soldier clones and Les Enfant Terribles (Snake, Liquid and Solidus). You'll play maybe 1/3 or 2/3 of the game like this. I hope it is 1/3. The rest of the game may zip back to the present day or carry on the Boss story in another setting like in a base or something. I'd personally love it if it carried on the Patriots story and carried on the Liquid/Ocelot vs Snake cat and mouse chase from MGS2, with Snake trying to stop Metal Gear Ray.

Then later on, Liquid revives Big Boss (his remains are preserved - and the Patriots are probably the only ones who know where he is, and seeing as Liquid is in Patriot-spy Ocelots body, he would know too, or know where to start looking). Either that or Big Boss is acting as The Patriots (remember at the end of 2 its revelaed the patriots are dead - so it's either AI or Big Boss or something). Whichever way it goes it's going to be excellent. I loved all of the stories and cannot wait for the next installment to clear up the open ended bits (and probably open up an even bigger can of worms). Grey Fox may be in it because he should be a young man in the 60's. This could explain why he betrays FOXHOUND later on and joins Big Boss. It could explain Big Boss's cause.

Nothing is wrong with Raiden, leave the guy alone. I'd like to see him return as an older wiser Ninja sometime down the line to shut all you Raiden haters up.

Those that didn't get Metal Gear Solid 2's story and dissed Raiden, well, that's Hideo Kojima's fault in thinking people were intelligent and open minded.

Ocolot is in it as some of the script says he has 12 shots now (2 guns) this would hint that Snake is in it. As well as a joke of Major Tom (Hideo is a big fan of that sort of stuff)

This would seem to hint at a sort of Big Boss and Snake game switching between the two times.

Red Superfly
I also think the reasoning behind having us play as Big Boss is because modern audiences that maybe haven't played the older MSX/NES versions will appreciate just how freakin awesome Big Boss is.

I hope there a big plot twist in this one - like as I said, Big Boss is a Patriot, or/and someone major gets killed like Otacon.

Me and a few friends were even thinking that maybe Snake bites the dust - remember he is aging faster because he is the inferior clone, and he has FoxDie ready to kill him. It affects older people quicker remember. The problem is, people will complain even more than what Raiden caused if Snake dies - despite it being one heckuva plotline. Metal Gear has always been tinged with tragedy so what better way to finish off the "solid" series by killing off a biggie?

Or even, at least have Snake die from FoxDie and have him revived in a later game - much like how this game hints that Big Boss is revived.

Anyone seen the new trailer? It's sweet! Snake (Or in my opinion the much more likely Big Boss) gets his ass kicked about by THE boss, a woman. It also seems to explain what happens to his eye

The Tater
It's Big Boss. If you watch the two latest trailers on the official site, it's clear that it is.

Ocelot being in the game doesn't prove it's Solid Snake. Snake wasn't alive during the Cold War, but Ocelot was. In MGS2, Ocelot said he abandoned Russia during the Cold War. In this game, we will find out why.

Red Superfly
Well think about this - Kojima said we would only play as one character for the whole game.

That one character he said, was Snake.

Big Boss is codenamed Snake, as is Solid Snake.

Playing as Big Boss AND Solid Snake would make sense - especially because Kojima loves to pull this cryptic crap on his adoring fans.

So, I'm guessing we play as Big Boss, then Snake later on.

Whether or not we are playing as Snake AS Big Boss remains to be seen (that VR simulation is a possibility - I hope it ain't it though).

I personally hope that 2/3 is just reliving Big Boss' past.

I hope the rest of the game is Snake in modern times - using what was learned from the first part of the game to complete his mission.

It would be KICK ASS if Revolver/Liquid returns (makes sense) - and along with some plot concerning the patriots, revives Big Boss.

Imagine playing as Big Boss, then Solid Snake, then having to fight Big Boss in the final chapter. Imagine a Darth Vader-like turn (entirely possible as Kojima loves paying homage to many western movies) of Big Boss at the end, where he ends up helping Snake beat Ocelot/Liquid.

That would be so cool.

The Tater
I'd rather see something like that in MGS4.

Personally, I want this game to be 100% Big Boss action.

Big boss's codename was Naked Snake, so it's a whole family of Snakes. I've always thought it was Big Boss, but that line about 12 shots had me thinking you'ld meet Ocolot again as Solid

OMG! The trailer says it's the last in the trilogy! I guess, if Acid is the portable one with the card system and they've had Metal Gear and Metal Gear Solid they could always change the last part of the name for a new trilogy on PS3...

something i read about from the leaked documents states that after mgs the first one that snake kinda went crazy maybe from the result of fox die , doesent reallly say. But he was entered into a mental hospital or something like that and he was just dreaming up something through his genes for mgs2 or some thing of that sort. And still having the memory genes of his past or (Big boss's) and you see flashbacks of what happend. But this is why Big Boss encounters enemys of names like The End, The pain , the fury , the sorrow , the fear. But its just a rumor i been hearing who knows if its true.

Sun Ce
ever think that Snake is not big boss at all, because from what ive seen snake is not big boss erm, he gets his ass kicked by "life one" SHE is the boss wink, no he ppl big grin, shes leader of FOXHOUND, and well it all means that Snake was never the big boss after all big grin

Red Superfly, i agree with you 500 percent in everything you said in this thread. you're my new best friend, i'm not kidding lol. its hard finding people that share my knowledge and comprehension of tha MGS series. i see you've paid attention to tha story and understood a lot of it.

Tha only thing i disagree on is that i want it to be a prelude of 1/3 of tha entirety of tha game. not 2/3.

To tha person who said its all about running around shirtless and eating snakes...uh 90 percent of his "outfits" are fully clothed. they give you an option of doing tha bad-ass without a shirt thing. and eating snakes is a part of survival..there aren't burger kings in tha jungle...or kitchens.

Tha first MGS was based on genes, tha next was memes . this MGS is based on scene. which is why its in tha 1960's. I have tha demo for it, its in tha Playstation magazine this month. how is it? well tha graphics are great but i'm not into tha whole jungle thing. tha weapons are more realistic and tha enemy AI is incredible.

Overall, it looks good but its all in russian. i tried to see if it was accidentally in russian language but no...its actually ALL in russian with english subtitles. which is super gay. and tha "boss" character is female, when there were no female commanders back then. they decide to put one in this version set about 45 years ago, and not tha newer versions. i guess they put her in there to appeal to women or w/e.

If this game is all about tha 60's, no matter how many cool plot twists it delivers. compared to 1 and 2, i have a strong feeling it will suck major balls.

Added note : Before MGS 2 came out, all they showed were images and trailers from tha tanker episode. so maybe they're pullin tha same leg?

LOL, you idiot. snake was created from tha genetic make-up FROM big boss. so tha big boss from tha 60's must be snakes genetic donor since he is MALE and resembles him. he was cloned, as was liquid.

Snake was NEVER big boss, big boss is dead. snake is his own character. in tha game you're going "back in time to that era".

in all trailers they show snake also known as naked snake (big boss)
but i hope that we wont be playing as bb all game they should leave at least 1/3 of the game for ss

and mgs3 isn't last in the series its last for Hideo Kojima after this hes going to do some other games, he wanted to leave after mgs2 but he stayed

uh oh, i hope whoever runs it after kojima knows what he's doing, did anyone see the psp mgs game they're making, its a card game -_-

Phoenix Aska
All I know is that the new metal gear game looks totally bad-ass!!!

One of the top 5 games coming out!

most definatly, i shall be buying this game straight away, one of my all time greatest game series, and has great title music!

The character you play for the entire game is Big Boss. Clearly, Hideo Kojima is doing a prequel to tell Big Boss's origin story, much like George Lucas is doing now with Darth Vader.

The story will develop Big Boss's character so that we see why he did what he did later on. In one trailer, near the end, we see Snake (Big Boss) vainly appealing for help from an overhead convoy, which ends up ignoring him. This seems to suggest that he was betrayed by his country who no longer needed him, reminisent of how Liquid felt at the end of MGS1.

I don't think it's gonna be 1/3 or 2/3 of the game either because the theme is meant to focus on environment, setting and how it affects a person.

Also, Ocelot will be in it too. He's the guy in the red beret and the reason he could shoot twelve rounds is because he is no longer using a Colt Single Action Army. I'm not sure what the name of the gun is, but I have seen him using it in one of the trailers.

Also, from what I've learned, Metal Gear will be more like a huge standard tank. It doesn't look like it will be a 'walking battletank'.

Finally, I'd like to ask a question. In MGS1, Solid and Liquid both have fair hair, which Solid dyes to distinguish himself from Liquid. Why, then, does Big Boss have the same colour hair as Solid? Should it not be fair?

The game is twice tha size of SOL, in codec conversations. note that SOL was 2 parts . now imagine all of snake eater to take place in a jungle with a length of TWO sons of libertys'. that woule be insanely boring no matter how many plot twists or character additions are involved.

Also, notice that prior to SOL coming out, nothing was ever mentioned about tha ENTIRE plant episode. they must be pulling tha same leg here. see when MGS : SOL came out, tha graphics kicked ass and was revolutionary...nowadays its been done over and over and over. tha whole jungle / camo thing is used to "step up" from tha other games. to elevate itself from tha norm so people who aren't MGS fans will pay attention to it.

Therefore : There IS, I'm damn sure...a huge change in gaming enviroment much like SOL.

I rest my case. 2guns

Stealth Agent
Man i've been waiting for this game to come out even before the released they were making one.In most games i suck alot but in metal gear ive always been kickass. Im gonna play the game and watch all the story cineatics just to freshen up on the story. the first few times i played it i didnt get but eventually i did i rcant recall it from memmory its been a while since i played it.

Ohh I was so close to pre-ordering this yesterday but the gamespot review held me back. Grr....I don't know what to do...

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