Broken PS2

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My PS2 isn't working!!!

I'm voiding my warranty, so I can take it apart and fix it.

Most likely it's just dirt over the lens, but my disc tray is loud too, so I'm going to clean the rods and tracks and lube em up with some WD-40.

I found some great guides at Tweak3D.Net to help me through this process.

I just hope it works, cause I just got a new control and haven't had a chance to use it yet.

hmmm it sounds like you know what your doing, so itll probably be running again soon.
the little CD tray on my PS2 somhow broke..the lttle logo fell off, dosent matter it still works. I had a PSX and it didnt work for a full YEAR, then all of the sudden started working
btw i found that a lttle windex on a tissue can clean up a CD like nobodys business

So far no good.

I keep getting a Disc Read Error.

Also when I go into the System Setting, all the numbers for the date and time are glitching like nobodies business.

If anyone can help me, please let me know.

Eek, that really sucks.

That happened to our PS2 last year, somehow (I think our stupid dog tripped over a cord from the controller) it got knocked off the TV and the disc tray would get stuck and it kept giving us a disc read error. We ended up sending it to Sony and they fixed it for free smile

How did your PS2 get messed up? Did something happen to it or did it just randomly stop working?

It randomly did it.

It's done it before, and I stopped playing it, then one day it was working fine again, after I let it sit for a couple weeks.

I was just able to get it to play Big Mutha Truckers (DVD-ROM) and then decided to try Star Wars Jedi Starfighter (CD-ROM) it didn't work.

Damnit, I am so mad right now.

Hmm....I know they have these CDs that are supposed to clean the lens or something (don't ask me how they work) but we got one of those when our PS2 was broken and tried it. The laser alignment in ours ended up being off (which is why it wouldn't work) so the cleaner disc didn't do anything, but give that a try and see if that works. It may help.

And most times when I've heard of PS2s not working they'd not play DVD-ROM games but would play CD-ROM games just fine...that's really strange.

My bad...

It's the CD-ROM working, not the DVD-ROM, I got the two types mixed up.

Anyway to get the DVD-ROM to work?

Not that I know of...sorry I can't be of more help.

Try calling Sony tomorrow and see if they have any explanations that could help, I guess...

****in' ey.

I only have one CD-ROM game, Big Mutha Truckers, and that game sucks.

I want to throw this stupid machine against a wall!!!!!

Back when I still had my Gamecube I got a scary red looking error message saying my disks could not be read.
I called the number on the back, gave the nice girl my serial number, she EXTENDED my warranty, gave me the address to a repair shop 5 minutes from my house, went to the shop, turned in my old Gamecube and they gave me a NEW one! eek!

Nintendo really knows how to treat their customers! thumb up

.....( My Cube had a defective hardrive that was part of the initial batch when it first came to the US) wink

The thing is, my PS2 is an old one anyways.

I'd say it's an early 2001 version.

My warranty was dead anyways, plus I bought it from a pawn shop, and the serial number had been scratched off.

hey lance. damn this problem has been in my ps2 for ages, and it is so damn annoying. however there is 1 way 2 fix it. open the box and clean the lens with COTTON. c if that works

i think everyone should learn to take apart their PS2 (or other consoles) and give it a good cleaning with a can of compressed air. I did it to my xbox (which i treat like gold) and i found all kinds of gross dust and grime...i was amazed it still worked

Horrible! Having a PS2 is like having an old car!
I'm suprised the PS2 doesn't require monthly oil changes! stick out tongue

I did clean it with cotton and rubbing alcohol, like I was told to by some experts.

I am able to play the majority of my games, but only if I turn Diagnosis on every time I turn the machine on, and I have to wait twice as long for loading times.

The one game I wanted it to work with, the only game I got the second control for, Star Wars Jedi Starfighter, doesn't work, at all.

My mom accidentally dropped the PS 2 on the floor. I could insert the disks but always got a black screen. Still under warranty, I send it to Sony and they repaired it for free. But somehow, it plays the PS 1 games and DVD' s but it refuses to let me play my PS 2 games. I always get an error message saying that the disk cannot be read. The disks should work fine though. I checked them on scratches or anything but there' s nothing to see. Any suggestions before I send it to Sony again?

§pearhead it a valid version of the game? Or is it a game imported from a different country? because if its a PAL or w/e your ps2 might not be able to play that format.

It' s definitely a valid version and before the PS 2 got dropped on the floor and repaired, everything worked just fine.

i'd send it back...or maybe you can get lucky and they'll just send you a new one

That really sucks! I'm just glad my Gamecube still works after being in a REALLY DUSTY AND DEBRIS filled hole in the ceiling. I don't really have a clue on how to fix it.

Lance, the way the PS2s are manufactured, the DVD-Rom is always the first to go, I had the same prob with 3 PS2s (replaced every time) My normal CDs worked, DVDs didn't.

As far as I know, your PS2 has had it, the DVD lens needs replacing.

dude i have the same problem with my xbox right now. i tried watching 2 different DVDs on the piece of crap and they won't load. But then i try the soundtrack from Big Fish and it works perfectly....what a piece of crap these systems are. Oh and gamecube too because that POS doesn't even play dvds

At least Microsoft repair their X-box's for free, regardless of the age of the console as long as its a hardware fault and you haven't dropped it or anything. (Even if you have you don't tell them that), I've had my X-Box replaced several times due to CD-ROM and motherboard faliure. (The most painful and recent one is that my old HDD suffered INTERNAL PHYSICAL DAMAGE(Thats what they said but I know THEY broke it). I don't know how. lol.

In my oppinion all systems are designed poorly, the most robust one is the X-Box, the PS2 is the used car of the consoles and the GameCube is somewhere in between.

yeah...that might now work since i moded my xbox. Now i have a bigger harddrive and a different optical laser...but that shouldn't change anything. Oh well, i have like 5 dvd players at my house...i really don't need xbox's player. But i still thought i'd come here and ***** like a sissy girl. *shakes fist in air out of anger*

I wanna upgrade my HDD, I never thought of upgrading the optical laser.

i had to....i have a "1st generation" xbox. Which means it was in the 1st shipment sent out by microsoft. So it doesn't play new games like Medal of Honor or Project Gotham 2. No doubt it woulda screwed me on Halo 2 so i just replaced it for like $30 or something petty like that. i can't wait to finally buy a game other than Zelda for my gamecube...lets go Crystal Chronicles.

Have you heard the rumor that for Halo 2, Doom 3 and Half Life 2 to run at optimal standard you'll need to get the new X-Box (1.5 I think) because the current chipset apparently wont run it as well.

whoa.... and ppl say Xbox isn't a computer whistle

actually i haven't heard any rumor like that at all. To the best of my knowledge the xbox is ready and set to rock those 3 games. I'm 100% sure you won't need a new xbox to play Halo 2...but i dunno about the other 2 games. I really don't expect halo 2 to have phenominal graphics...just good ones. It's the gameplay that makes halo rule

Blade Cutter
Storm when you send it in ask to swop it out with a new one.I did this and they a brand new one and contoler and cords plus they fixed my old one and sent to me a contoler and cords.So I have two PS2s and three contolers.But I did send my PS2 in three times before I did this they say they need to try to fix it once before they can swop but you had your's sent to be fixed once so it should work.Hope you get to PS2s!

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