THe gamecube is KIDDIE!

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the gameboy is so kiddie that even when i went to the store today some kid was like "i want a video game system" and the guy was like "oh then here have this gamecube, it's extremely kiddie, for kids, very small little kiddie kids" and he sold the kid one....there's ur proof

That's not proof, that's just some dumbass who's working at a games store. Those people are usually the most ignorant people when it comes to games. They don't even know the release dates half the time, they have no more credibility then anyone else.

The GC isn't geared towards kids, but it's the only system that is kid friendly. It's big name games aren't all violent and bloody, but that doens't mean it's soley for kids. The games that are generally considered "kiddie" (usually by people who don't know much about games) are generally far more challenging then the big name violent games for the PS2 and Xbox.

yeah even though i can't stand many GC games many of the so called kiddie games have more depth and story than any rockstar or other shock inspired gamming franchise's, but the gameplay still blows and i have little patience for games anymore, GC games require lots of patience

Whats with this 'kiddie' crap anyway. Sure GC isnt the greatest franchise around, but it sure as hell isnt 'kiddie'. Very strange claim.

why did you post this? you do know theres already a thread about its like...

the below information is true
the above information is false

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What do you expect from someone who posts Bubble Boy as one of their favorite movies? blink Credibility goes right out the window the second you type that in.

if it's so kiddie then how come it doesn't come with light up buttons? stick out tongue wink

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Funny and true. rolling on floor laughing

hahahaha!!! Sales people will try to sell you anything!

What does that got to do with the topic? That's his taste in movies! You and I might not find Bubble boy funny, but maybe he does. Everyone has different tastes!

uh this thread was uh meant as a joke...there was no salesperson..i never went a video game store

i was just mocking the "Gamecube isn't kiddie" thread, cause i find it rather amusing

oh and thank you winddancer...people who don't judge based on unrelated topics are rare especially on kmc

You were mocking the other kiddie thread then. Well next time try to make it a little more obvious, i thought you were serious.

I don't think you can generally say the gamecube itself is kiddie but SOME of the games are pretty childish. Watch what you say buddy. Happy Dance whistle

i can't believe some ppl actually thought 113 was being serious


Actually, I've heard stupider things within a gaming store, so it's actually quite believable.

yeah, but the way he wrote it : "extremely KIDDIE, for kids, VERY SMALL LITTLE KIDDIE KIDS" it sounds like a joke to me, or a retarded person talking

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I was looking at it from the retarded angle, but at least 113 owned up to it. Still not going to let up on the Bubble Boy comment, though... I have to bust your chops a little on that one. I'll ease off though, as long as you don't own Battlefield: Earth in your movie collection.

battlefield: earth big grin now that's a good movie


I think the whole 'kiddie' arguement in the other thread is nuts anyway. What a stupid thing to debate over.

The gamecube IS very kiddie,besides a very selective few titles.

It dosen;t mean it isn't fun for some people though

What the..

Every console has its share of so called 'kiddie' games. How could it be targeted to GC only. Actually why am i bothering to argue.

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How about saying this instead... the Gamecube is the best suited console to appeal to multiple age demographics. That seems more appropriate, after looking at the library of games I own for it.

Clowns! all of you!

It's a damn kiddie system! yes

all i have to say is...well of course gamecube is kiddie!and i wouldnt want it anyother way.nintendo didnt make it all this way by giving mario a gun or letting kirby steal you remember playing mario in the late 80's early 90's?thats when games had no story,lame graphics and 2 - 6 buttons.but none the less they were still addicting.nintendo is "kiddie" becuz they had all this time to create dk,mario,kirby,link,fox,samus etc. and those are all great games we played as KIDS sony and microsoft are making so much "adult games" becuz thats the only way to keep up with nintendo.just like every thing else on this world it's just another war between three companies.but newschool will never win over oldschool...

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(Sigh) I miss my Colecovision.

i miss my lynx

You and mr.marvel are absolutely right. And, like I said before, life with only one game console is not a life worth living.

God Bless America--land of opportunity and idiocy

I'd be willing to bet that nearly every one of the anti-gc people on here are under 21. No, I don't need to check--I understand the demographics far too well.

You haven't lived til you've played Atari or Pong on the old rotary paddle. Old school rules.

I enjoy the "kiddie" games they are often funner to play, have brighter graphics, and are all around fugging fun!! What's the point of getting a games that has it where you can go around shooting people, having blood splatter, and then you go home? Seems pretty pointless to me, such as this PC game my friend let me borrow, Mafia, my god this games is crap! The first level is so confusing you don't a clue in hell what to do or where to go!! And yet he says that is good, because "You can hit people with a baseball bat, or pull out your tommy gun and mow the police down!" Great, just what I wanted to do on a lazy sunday afternoon. Althought my argument could be totally taken away from context by me saying that I also own Resident Evil: Zero... roll eyes (sarcastic)

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Yes hmm I's love to try and make a defense but really anyone who makes that statement has they're mind made up and anything I say no matter how truthful will be pointless, all I can say is I am a big Nintendo fan, bought a Gamecube from selling the 64 and wanted to believe that the games were just as good but really they just arn't. I mean the actually gameplay is the best and some of the games are the best I've ever played but because the graphic designers see a need to make the babyish then people will disregard the game no matter how good it is so I've given up and sold mine (in the process of selling) not because I'm getting something else btu because really since I not at home as much anymore $100 a game isn't worth it. Plus of course the poor marketing, it's sad really

/clap well said, well said.. cool

mad mad mad mad GC is not kiddie Xbox and PS2 are just really depressing because of a bunch of shooter games thats all Xbox and PS2 fricken are

I'm 21, i own gamecube, and IT IS A KIDDIE SYSTEM.

But what's the problem with that?

I'd rather have mario in his overalls than a dark trench-coat, long sword, and one wing...

oh and i really only say it's a kiddie system because it's more fun to watch gamecube defenders get pissed off when I say it's a kid's system. big grin

i totally agree with you wink

i'm playing Super Metroid at the moment, and i must say this game is awsome, 16 bit graphics with tons of fun, and not so kiddie after all, what could make it kiddie? that A-hole tells you that's a kiddie game cuz it looks like a cartoon.

gamecube IS KIddie, The whole Nintendo company is based on this kiddie games, cuz it sales more (or it used to) and they could make a 100th sequel and no one will care (i do, that's why i hate nintendo.....that and N64).

a kiddie game could be the most entertaining game ever, many of them are, i can't get enough of DKC or zelda, cuz they are fun, of course they have no storyline what-so-ever, but they're still adictive.

i hate nintendo, i can't stand N64 sick (worst console ever), but i love playing old Snes games and game boy.

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N64 had some of the greatest games I have ever played!

Perfect Dark
Conker's BFD
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Zelda: Majora's Mask
Jet Force Gemini
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Save the title for worst console ever for the Atari Jaguar.

I wasn't really talking about the games

Goldeneye, Perfect Dark are great games. Rogue Squadron, that game made history (but is also for PC),Zelda OoT: one the best games ever,
Majora's Mask sick: that is just a bad game that shouldn't been made.
never played Conker or JFG, but they look ok. besides those, and other titles I don't remember, there weren't games to remember, most of them were not so good games, look what happened to donkey kong. square stop making games for nintendo, there were no more Street fighters, and nintendo kept making the same old bull,sequel after sequel with no logical reason or sense.

they deliberately killed the Snes, cuz they thought that all games should be 3d (was there any 2d game in n64 besides that yoshi game?). they bragged about how powerful their console was, (god!! most of the games didn't have voices, or the few FMV were plain crap, instead they used pics!!!). It completely back fired them, they would have done the same thing Sega did (stop making consoles) if it wasn't for Game Boy, that was the only thing that kept them safe above water (i assume you do know that).
and there's the fact that you needed to buy that stupid expansion pack(god, why the hell didn't they put that inside the console in the first place???!!), nintendo always hungry for money!!!

that's why I say (and will always say) that N64 is the worst mainstream console EVER

I thank god there wasn't a Metroid game for N64

Nintendo Gamecube can be considered "Kiddie" but I think thats who Nintendo markets toward,cause they have the characters kids know and love (Mario,Kirby,Link,Sonic) As with PS2,and Xbox it is the other way around. I mean not all Gamecube games are kid games,I believe Gamecube has some shooters,and a Mature rated Resident Evil

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You've also explained why Atari Jaguar should be considered the worst console ever. Lofty claims about performance, absolutely no games, no third party support, and a useless expansion CD player.

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Game Cube is kiddie besides Twin Snakes!

well, it must be

I just hate N64, and i say it was the worst console, you don't have to agree with me.

I already gave my reasons, and I think there are ppl who agree.

I quite liked the '64. It just lacked a range of good games.

I hated 64

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