Do you prefer the PC or a Gaming system?

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Matrix Overload
Do you prefer playing video games on the PC or on a Gaming system like the PS2?

PC for the most part. The games I like are best on the PC.

Same ^ plus PC has much less limitations to what can be done...which relates back to they're being more games I like stick out tongue

PC. You can do some much more than on gaming consoles.

Consoles, just because of the controls. keyboards suck. yea i know, "buy an adaptor" or whatever, but i dont wanna. i wanna ***** and moan that the controls on PCs suck. big grin

In my opinion, nothing beats the keyboard as a controller. You can set whatever action you want to any key. You can make up your own control scheme. It's easier to press W and go forward than to hold an analog stick forward, and wear out the stick.

There are only two kinds of games keyboards don't cut it; Racing games and flightsims.

And you can't type with a controller.

Bah, I can't do that. I have to be able to wrap my hands around the controller, and just use my thumbs. besides, with the simple controller, the buttons are easier to memorize. For me at least.

In my opinion, the computer gaming world has looked down on consoles. many get consoles because we cant afford Hi tech pc's

a pc that can run unreal 2 is so expensive(i need to get a nato cast off)

a console is just simpler, cheaper, and when its time to upgrade, you just pick it up, dump it in the trash, and g2 the store for a new 1(just like macs).

plus, he keyboard seems so alien to me, i especially dislike games like everquest that take an entire alphabet, number key, and f1-12 to cast spells and work effectively.

i only play shooters(i only have to really use the number keys, the scroll wheel, and w,a,s,d.) and strategy games.

although youll probably never have the exact accuracy of a mouse over a joystick when it comes to sniping in a shooter, or in other things that the precise mouse brings, its easier to pull off complex moves, faster, and effectively, without as much needed time as memoerizing the keyboard. simply the console is the cheaper and easier to use choice.

Absolutely the convenience factor of a console counts hugely in its favour. I am a PC guy myself- the games I like are far more likely to be found there and I like the PC for other uses anyway- but you can hardly deny that PCs are hideously expensive and inconvenient gaming platforms compared to consoles. That's hardly a surpirse- PCs are multi-purpose. Consoles ONLY have gaming as a purpose, so if they were not basically better at the convenience factor than PCs they would not be doing well.

But it is absolutely true that nothing is more precise than mouse/keyboard. No console controller (other than... well.. a console mouse/keyboard) comes close.

PC- More time, MORE MONEY,you have to constantly worry about updating or having the right requirements.

Console, simple to install, buy a game you know its gonna work perfectly to its max performance no matter what, If it doesnt you take it back and get another, but P.C if it doent work for your Pc you can take it back ounce youtrid installing it . BULLSHIT PC's SUck ass F*ck interplay if you have that much time on your hands to constantly be playing online with your characters you have tom much time on your hands

Matrix Overload
PC's are so much more flexible than gaming consoles. You can get differents mods and skins to make the game look anyway you want. plus it's easier to do internet gaming, you don't have to buy an adapter thingy and all that. plus the keyboard has so many more controls that you can do so much more. like battlefield vietnam would be hard to put on a console bacause you use all the "f" buttons on the top of the keyboard and all the numbers and many of the letters. how do you put that on a controller?

yeah im sure P.C's are great if you're rich

one sentance all you pc peeps gonna hear for 1 year.

Halo2 is so F***ING AWSOME!!!

Yeah, and there's several sentance you console folks will be hearing.

Half Life 2 is Awesome!

Doom 3 is awesome!

Far Cry is Awesome!

PC games *usually*lack story and the characters arn't well developed.Im not sure why that is but I don't like it.

Game systems whoot!

I'm a console guy

a word youll hear x-boxes saying

doom 3

and farcry isnt all that awsome.

i see things really far away, but it just lacks things...not that it isnt a great game, but it just seems overrated to me.

half life 2 is cool,'

*in best govenator of california voice*]
your puny pc games are no macht for the awsome goldyness of halo 2.

sargent johnson is the second coolest videogame character since master chief.(hes the black dude you see in the into of halo, the second level of halo, the 343 guilty spark cut scene, and the secret* extra scene in the ending, and hes in halo 2.)

Halo 2 is going to be a disapointment. It won't be able to match with Half life 2. The first halo is vastly over rated, teh only reason anyone cares about it is because it's the first really good console FPS that's come along in a long way. It can't hold it's own against other, supperior shooters though.

Matrix Overload
Hey, i can wait for those games. plus, i am anything but rich.

im not a big fan of PC gaming..too much work. i like too be able to put the game in and play. Half Life 2 is looking alright, as is Halo 2, but i think im most excited about Doom 3. as far as Far Cry being overrated..i wouldnt say that. if your computer can actually run the damn game, it proves to be one of the best shooters overall ive ever played, and thats on any system. it lacks a tad in the story, but the physics engine, voice acting, and graphics are all unbelivabele. another great shooter on the PC is PainKiller. its like Far Cry with gritty, dark enviorment, and 100 foot monsters.

Happy Dance i agree totally


I never have any problems installing PC games. All it takes is a small amount of knowledge and a well built PC to run games without trouble.

PC yes

Matrix Overload
Yeah, and i dont have to go off and buy myself an xbox or a playstation. i already have pc, i had it before i started doing pc gaming. And you dont have to keep buying there products, like the latest system. You can just upgrade your current pc. and you can still play your old games, unlike gamecube, plus the new games. And internet gaming is soooo much easier on a pc.

My PC is a gaming system. it's peripherials dwarf any of those 3 systems.

And i love playing FPS's on my computer...they always suck on consoles.

Primitive Screwhead #1
Play any of the following for awhile... all have either excellent storyline development, character development or both:

Any game by Blizzard Entertainment (Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo)
Half Life
American McGee's Alice
Command & Conquer series
Master of Orion 2

When it comes to strategy games, there is no subsitute for a decent PC setup. I love my consoles, but it's the above games that keep me coming back and booting up the computer.

Silver Stardust
I like both a lot, actually...I love my PS2 and play it all the time, and several of the games I play the most I can't get a PC version of. Plus it's very convinient...if I'm going to a friend's house and we're going to play something on PS2 I can just pack it up in about two minutes and have it set back up in the same amount of time. The one big drawback I find with consoles is the controllers...they aren't very long lasting. I'll admit that I've broken my PS2 controller. And you're very limited it what you can do with them because there's only so many buttons.

Also, up until very recently we had a crap computer that couldn't run anything...but now that I've got two brand new computers in my house, I'll probably be getting and playing more PC games. Besides which, I can get for PC a bunch of the games that I don't have because I don't have Xbox or Gamecube.

Master of Orion II???

Sorry, I cannot possibly agree there. Galactic Conquest, ancient race, strategy playing... yeah, great game but hardly a dramatic sweeping character based plot.

And C&C is hardly a game where you feel personal connection.

Heck, Syndicate is not a good choice either. It was all style. Don't get me wrong, it was enjoyable style, but it wasn't plot; if anything it was anti-plot. Bullfrog were never big on plots, more on innovative gaming.

Half-Life and Unreal were action games, and had action game plots. Personally exhilarating, but intensly shallow. Which was good- they worked better that way, but they are still not good counters to the point.

The original poster is talking of the huge dramatic sweep of many console RPs and has a point, because the PC tends to go for in-depth game mechanics over such things.

If I was coming up with a counter to the accusation that the PC never does it, though, I would say Baldur's Gate II, or Blade Runner. Then again, the comment was 'usually', so there you go.

Primitive Screwhead #1
Sorry, I should have clarified better. I said had either exellent storyline, character development or both. I'll elaborate on what I meant:

MOO2: Character classes were well developed. Storyline was straightforward, but each race played offered distinct traits that made it worth playing time and time again.

C&C: Personally, I thought the whole Kane/Nod/GDI interaction was a decent enough storyline.

Unreal and Half Life both raised the bar for first person shooters and storyline involvement. While they have definitely evolved more since then, I think both did tremendous jobs in incorporating storyline into the FPS genre upon their arrival.

On the whole, I was trying to provide examples of games at the time of their release showing decent storylines and character development in contrast to the console market. I guess in recent times, that trend has changed and BlackHat has a point. But the reason I chose each of these games as examples is for what they offered at the time of their release.

I like both PC and Console. PC is great, but I just play more console games. I much prefer strategy games in PC than in consoles. Other games like Fighting or Sonic for example I'd much prefer them in a console than a PC.

MC Mike

MC Mike
laughing out loud Exactly!

PC!!! rock

I would love to get a pc and they cost so MUCH $!! I like consoles more cuz i can jus sit on the couch and chill wit mah friends and play and plus pcs need upgrades alot!!!I cant handle that maybe when I become rich though.And it really depends what kind of game Im playing.

I'm a PC guy Myself,
If you can afford it, a high end PC beats the Hell out of a console in graphics and stuff.
Also, most games are "dumbed down" for Console, because of lack of controls and such. The fact is that you find better shooters on PC.
I can make a solid argument why MOHAA is better than Halo. with out even bringing the goodness that is Call of Duty, Far Cry and many others into the fray.

Consoles have the play and go aspect, but if you go in terms of sheer gaming goodness, you cant beat the PC

I do pc, console is good for party games though.

Hey tptman, I play trumpeteek! but I've only played for 7 or 8 years though confused

Strategy PC

Massive FPS PC

Multiplayer in a room with peeps you know and can talk to easily nothing beats console

RP lots of options PC

RP little options Console

Quick fun games Console

In depth PC

Halo 2 will rock
Doom 3 will get repetitive but has awsome graphics
Half Life 2 will have replay value
Far Cry... i'd rather play BF 1942 or vietnam or Unreal

Consoles are in depth too.and ffps aint so bad on consoles lik Halo2 is going to be good

its 7 years for me, started in 4th grade and now im gonna be in 11th.

FPS are dumbed down on Console, Halo on x-box is good, but halo on PC is almost laughable, there are just so many better shooters.

lol yeah I counted too, 7. We're the same age. I've got a silver intermediate trumpet, looking to upgrade to back strad.

I tried Halo on PC, it was alright however it just didn't cut it. Microsoft hasn't been doing to well on their more recent programs-at leats they aren't as up-to-par as their competition. I dont like X-box either since it doesnt have the awesome games like gamecube such as Zelda, SSB, and other Nintendo games and PS2 for being able to play dvds and being the main console for several amazing RPG games.

I agree and I like xbox for its sports and Halo cant really wait for Fable though thats gonna be a good rpg though.

The problem with Microsoft's PC games is they are in such a rush to get out the game, they have to come up with a million patches afterwards to fix all the bugs and optimize the game. roll eyes (sarcastic)

X-box has ported Morrowind and they have KOTOR love those are the only RPGs i need on console. no expression FF i never liked.

I have KOTOR for PC, awesome game.

KOTOR is awesome, I'm so glad the ported it to PC.

But i had it months before you guys got it stick out tongue love

They are making fallout aslo on X-box similar to buldurs gate and Kotor eek!

Ironman 66
gaming systems they have better controlers i hate the ones they have for pc

KOTOR I heard that it had bad famerates.

no there is very little trouble involving graphics with the game unless there is a crap load of NPCs fighting

Even then it's still pretty good. The graphics are unmatched and the characters themselves have their own stories and sidequests you can go on. Throw in HK-47 for a lot of humerous dialogue when you have the chance.

Has anyone fully repaired HK-47? He self heals like Canderous. I did for a ton of hilarious background info as well. It's great when you find out later who his original master isyes

i prefer the console over a pc any day just for the simple fact that console are becoming just as good as a pc maybe even better

I was a soldier so i never had the ability truely to repair him sad fully

So was I, but I beat the game (several times) and enabled cheats during one of them to set repair stat high enough to do so.

Cosole gamers are funny, They get Halo and just crap their pants. PC gamers have been playing games ten times better than halo for 7 years now.Consoles finally going online is a nice step forward, but my 3 gig rig playing Battlefield or Unreal 2, or doom 3, you console gamers have nothing on us,,, NOTHING!!!!

I play those games no expression to but some console games cannot be recreated on PC ... PC is so solitary erm

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