Most Frustrating Videogame Moment!

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The title says it all. For me, I'd vote for....Diablo II(trying to kill Duriel with an unhacked Barbarian)
or.....Super Smash Melee(Getting killed by the 100th man in 100 man melee).

usually I have frustrating times between me and my friends course records on racing games.. I'll get like a crazy records.. and he'll try like hell until he beats it by a nanosecond, and then Im screwed.. -_- R.I.P. F-zero 64..

When my data for FF: Tactics got randomly corrupted and deleted for the 5th time at the same part in the game.

When my Sims freazes after playing for hours

Metroid Prime, last level - fighting metroid prime.

I was so frustrated I stopped playing for weeks, then picked it up again, and beat MP first time out! smokin'

Life has been all downhill since then! stick out tongue

the part in any racing game where u've raced a perfect race and on the last bend u mess up and all of a sudden the b.astard who was miles behind you suddenly shoots past you over the finish line.

very fighting game to me is frustrating. espesiallly when they jsut block everything even when you have moved behind them after they tired to hit you. every game pisses me off. i usually break a controller every time that i get a new game.

in any random game when I turn the corner and get blown sky high for some reason messed

or respawning and getting blown up immediately

or stupid annoying bosses, a la minion, twisted metal: black

getting rushed by 3+ teams in starcraft messed

the list goes on

Master Revan
That reminds me of Halo on line play being killed by a Banshee and respawning and 5 sec. later getting crush by the same one or right when you reappear you get blown up because of a missile.

basicly every game there is something that will cause me to through or smash the controller. every game has something in it that is like that.

FFx beating that stupid guy with the blue hair in the mountains i got pissed off and erased my data and havent played it since

MKbig grineception fighting kobra and kire in the netherrealm

And alot more i cant remember

Stupid smileys i meant MK: Deception

Silver Stardust
Man, Seymour in the mountains was easy-peasy...

Probably playing Halo and getting respawned and immediately getting killed again.

Or when my copy of FFX decided to freeze just after I finished the last battle mad

Darth Revan
Playing Halo with my friend's friends who frequently play it from the time school is out to the next morning... In other words people who kick your ass any day of the week with their eyes closed.

Or when my retarded copy of THUG somehow manages to erase all my progress except the really lame things mad

mad chopper whores on BF Vietnam mad
and campers on any game mad

Dr. Strangelove
Never being able to beat the last boss on Jet Force Jemini.
Also when I thought I'd lost my Pokemon Blue game when I had all 151, but I luckily found it a year later.

seal spanw campers on Socom 2 Frostfire respawn .. mother f.uckers need to burn in hell

El Toro
when trying to take over a Zerg base and you come accross a pit full of lurkers without n observer.....ur whole army is halved if not totally destroyed in seconds.

ooh, i hate that messed i always forget detection

I'm always zerg, stick out tongue I just never build lurks

Silver Stardust
I know...almost every time I play Halo I get slaughtered because I don't have an Xbox and therefore never get to play it sad

lol i think halo frustrates all.

my quip is single player. I work my tail off to get to a certain point, only to be flanked, outgunner, outmanned, and caught in a pincer movement.(cough* 2nd level*cough*)

after you get up the hill in the first section to fend off the covenant attacking the marines b4 u get the warthog on legendary....omg

that alone was my most satisfiying moment in the game.(im a sucka for bad odds(*helms deep*cough*)

and getting pwned in multi is just as frustrating(god I hate the sniper rifle, plama pistol used as a machine gun(and starter weapon), rocket launcher used anti personel)..when its used aganst me)

I've always been good at games, especially shooters so I was pretty good for not having it, but now that I have it, I'm one of the better ones among my friends.

That reminds me, i have a couple more to. Starcraft(in BattleNet, someone does a dark templar drop in your base, and you don't have detectors). Tony Hawk's Underground(Doing a flatland-air-grind-revert combo of 400,000 and not landing it) Halo(Getting lost on the Truth and Reconciliation) The last one really pissed me off. I ended up back in the jail about three time, before i figured the way out.

playin starfleet command 3, usin 2 really shit ships to capture a klingon flagship, and just as my troops are taking over my ally goes and fvcking blows the ship up costing me thousands of points and some marines

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