How big is the Kashyyyk battle?

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How big is the battle of Kashyyyk?
Is it going to be of a grander scale of Attack of the Clones or is it going to be small?
How many clones are we looking at? Few million?

I really don't think it's going to be that big, or it'd get bigger mentions in the Saga. Maybe about the size of the Battle of Naboo?

Yeah I think that the battle would be a shorter version of the Battle of Naboo... I just can't wait to see Chewie!

Battle of Naboo?
Where the hell did these "1.2 million units" go?
Surely not all of them are scratching Palpatines arse?


General Tarfful makes Chewie look like a skinny punk......

Jedi Priestess
Actually in terms of size, the biggest battle in ROTS will be the opening battle over Coruscant, the best will be the duel. yes

Sith Master X
But Which duel will be the best?

Yoda Vs. Sidious!!!!!!!!! evil face

Jedi Priestess
oh HELL no. You are out of your mind if you think that SMX. stick out tongue There are no emotional ties with that duel like there are with the one between Anakin and OB-Wan.

Sith Master X
Well, my prediction may change. Emotional, yes, that would definitely rank Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan up there. Right now, I have that ranked 2nd, only because of Yoda and Sidious being the Ultimate Jedi Vs. Ultimate Sith.

But who knows, maybe when I see the movie I'll like Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan better. I have to see the final product before I make any conclusions I guess. laughing out loud

Some of my concerns about the Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan duel:

-It may be too long

Just look at the podrace sequence from TPM. It was a great sequence, but it was way too long, so it's get's boring to rewatch over and over again.

Then again, Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan is a completely different kind of sequence. I know it'll be great to watch, though I just hope they get it right.

Jedi Priestess
Now see I dont think Yoda is the greatest Jedi maybe thats why we disagree.

Sith Master X
Who do you consider to be the greatest Jedi?

Luke Skywalker, maybe yes, but that's in a completely different time period. I'm talking about the present moment of the PT. Unless you are thinking of someone else?

Jedi Priestess
Nope not Luke. Anakin and thats on both sides I might.

Sith Master X
See, I never considered Anakin to reach his full potential. At the time he does, he turns himself over to the dark side, and I even consider Sidious to be more powerful at that moment.

Oh well, that's just my thoughts. You make a good point as well. I just can't wait to see how everything plays out in the end.

Jedi Priestess
SMX its simple. Anakin is THE chosen one. The ONLY one who can bring balance to the force. And he does this.

EDIT: I know May is not getting here soon enough.

Sith Master X
Does being the choosen one necessarily make him the best at the time of ROTS though? stick out tongue

Sorry, not trying to get you upset or anything lol.

Jedi Priestess
OH stop that. You will never upset me SMX and you know it. laughing out loud

I think the opening battle of Coruscant is going to prove that he is indeed the most powerful Jedi at this time.

Sith Master X
lol. Maybe the opening battle will prove that. Like I said, we won't truely know for sure until we see the final product.

So the Kashyyyk battle isn't going to be that big? sad

it might like the one in return of the jedi after all they are fighting in a forest so it could'nt be that big might be spread out over distances and is going to be great.

They are spread across the galaxy awaiting the order to turn on the jedi who are also spread out.

El Toro
1 thing that has me a bit confused at times with Star Wars...when you are trying to invade a planet...u would need an army size of astronomical proportions. in naboo it looked like it wuz neighbouring countries rather than an planetary invasion.

i suspect kashyyyk would have billions of wookies since the planet looks to be trpocial throughout. so a clone army trying to take it over would need to be of a godly size to even think of taking it over.

i understand in the later years of the SW plot (OT) taking over a planet would b easy as the empire would hold the planet up for ransom. either bow down to the empire or we blow it up with da deathstar big grin

but meh, mayb im jus being a bit nitpicky

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