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this one is better imho


"Just saw the new trailer with the press screener of The Incredibles tonight. Some may take it as spoilers, but here is how it goes.

It starts with the familiar Fox and Lucasfilm logo and the classic "A Long Time Ago". You then see Luke looking out at the twin suns as he did in "A New Hope", Obi Wan then voices the The Jedi were the guardians lines as we cut to scenes of Qui Gon and Obi Wan, then we get the lines about Vader betraying the Jedi, Shots of the clones loading onto the ships from Episode II this leads to a shot of a robed Anakin turning so we can see inside the hood. He has bright glowing eyes, and a deadly stare.

The first shot of Episode III is of an eruption on Mustafar. It is a volcanic, barren hell hole, burnt rocks and volcanos line the landscape and we see what looks like mechanical spiders with riders atop of them crossing the field.

What follows comes fast so I will give it to you but in no particular order as it is hard to keeo straight how it all came.

You do hear Palpatine say arise Lord Vader and they show him strapped to table that is leaning forward and surrounded with steam.

As he rises they cut to scenes and then back to him rising. You seen Anakin and Padme, the new Jedi Fighters in action, a Breathtaking shot of the capitol ship battle the opens the film. You see lots of Wookies, Tie Medran (Spelling), C-3PO, R2, in the Tantive IV hall. There is a great scene of Yoda coming in looking very upset and drawing his sabre then one later of him chopping. (This is the Palpatine Confrontation)

Mace in a pitched battle, a very quick shot of the dual, more shots of Padme, and a great one of a eveil grin in a hooded Robe which I took as Palpy. It flies very fast and furious and it is hard to take it all in as the next sequence is being shown while you are still trying to take it all in. It is visually very stunning. Either technology has taken a huge leap since the last film or Lucas has been holding back as this is amazing. There are no shots of Grevious, His Henchman, or Dooku nut what is shown looks great. There was silence when it ended and someone let a "wow" out and a steady murmur followed as people took in what they have seen. If you have questions drop me a line. I filled this in as best as I can remember as I promised to get it to you the moment I got back from the screener."

what channel is access hollywood on?

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Good question. It could differ depending on where you live though.

blinkblinkblink You need to look in your TV Guide laughing

i know that but is it on like nbc or abc or fox or something like that?

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