Pic of Vader from Trailer????????

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Found this article


Is that pic of Vader new? I have never seen it and the background doesnt look like a place where we have seen Vader before. Or is that even an actual pic of Vader? Is it just some guy dressed up like that? Discuss and most probably lock eventually. If its crap, I apologize. lol

Looks fake...looks like he is standing outside in the sun with a stormtrooper behind him...probably online to see Ep 2 or something

Jedi Priestess
that looks like its from one of the fittings as there are white parts on the costume yet?

I would say use some common sence. The shot of someones head?, who cares. I think the only thing that would really interest most of us right now is some good movie shots or THE FREAKEN TRAILER.

I didnt think it was real, really. I even doubt that "Duel" pic I shared a little. But hey, oh well. Getting it locked up.

looks authentic

Lord Darth Gabe
The suit looks preety good...but...yes, that`s a waiting line for a convention...

I saw that pic before...

No harm done Baily, it`s a nice one, nowadays...one does not know what`s real and what`s not

What are you on... that's so not authentic, look at the different colours round his helmet, clearly edited

I know what you mean Lord Darth Gabe. We have entered "Full Revenge of the Sith" mode now. Things are coming out every second. I still dont know what is real and not. But I just post and pass along.

Jedi Priestess
and you keep doing that Baily. You are fine. yes

Yeah, but... it's not authentic *pout*


Surely fake

Oh well atleast he is getting stuff for us good work Baily.

That's from the SE theater premier years ago. Some guy in a suit from LF. They had a bunch of Stormtroopers following him. I had a small video file of him walking the red carpet, but I think i deleted it in my last hard drive cleaning. If I find it, i'll try to post it. So, it is a real picture in the fact that it's a real suit from a Lucasfilm event, but it's not from Episode 3. This picture was taken before Episode 1 was even made.

Yeah, after I posted it I started to think it was some dude dressed up at a premiere or something. Thanks for clearing that up kremzike

No problem. I did have the video still after all. This video isn't where that photo came from, just the same event. I hosted it at my old tripod site. Hope it works...


The "tf_bw" is typed just like that. I haven't posted a link here yet, and i've heard that noobs can't do it, so they have to alter the addresses. I hope this works.

doesn't look like it's from rots if you ask me.

Sith Master X
Yeah, definitely not from ROTS....at least I would think it isn't.

Clai Keboa
Hey all, could it be the same scene we've all seen, just from a different angle? - You know the one i mean where he looks clasped to a platform and Sidious is stood next to him? only with the CG completed, so there is no blue screen?

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