halo 2 vs san andreas vs smackdown vs raw

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DiViNe diFiNIty
which one would u chose and why?????????????

i would choose halo 2 because it kicks more ass and you get cool weapons cool

DiViNe diFiNIty
Thats the one that i would chose
it is fact that in america halo 2 sold $430,000,000 worth from that game alone on the first day
the graphics on the game are out of this world and so is the game play
and the story line to the game kicks ass

ps who ever choses san andreas is sad and need there head sortin out

sort my brother out then naughty

DiViNe diFiNIty
y the hell would anyone want to chose that game
i think that graphics are terrible!!!
give ur brother a slap for me lol
and tell him to wake to halo 2

he likes halo but he preferes san andreas.

DiViNe diFiNIty

what do u think about smackdown vs raw

DiViNe diFiNIty
i have the game and i am quite impressed by the game play game the graphics of the divas that are in it

Samurai Guy
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i'm not a great lover at wrestling

i think wrestling is crap anyway

DiViNe diFiNIty
i dont watch wwe but this is the first wrestling game i have bought am i quite impressed with the graphics i have seen so far
the story line is quite impressive to.

we'll talk tomoz, i have to go now bye bye

The Ones
i love SA. it has 125 more missions than halo 2

dont really see what one has to do with the other.. you shoulda just made a poll

Shaolin Monk
Exactly. You could beat Halo in a couple sittings. Not SA...sure, the graphics don't equal Halo, but they aren't "terrible"...Yes, I have played both, Yes I own both

The Ones, I guess we're "sad" and need our "head sortin out"

As far as wrestling games, I don't like any. I enjoy games with substance.

I'd take San Andreas.. i've never played Halo 2...nut i'm getting it along with an X-Box very soon.. but still.. i'd take San Andreas over it... i just kmoe that i will.. i like San Andreas type games the best....

and i agree with Shaolin Monk... How are we sad, and need our heads sorting out, i may not have Halo 2... and no doubt.. its probaly a great game... but SA is better IMO, it takes longer to beat or so i've heard... and then the fun never ends... u have free roam to do whatever u want when u want... i'mnot sure... but once u beat Halo 2, what is there to do besides play Multiplayer with someone... (not counting X-Box Live)

but that's like saying what else is there to eat after the first plate in a buffet. Multiplayer is every bit as good as single player if not better, and I guarantee that people will be playing Halo 2 online much longer than anyone will be playing San Andreas. Also, have you tried collecting all the skulls in the game that give you various powers, that alone is worth playing through it again, not to mention tons of other easter eggs.

Darth Surgent
Halo 2: Finished Single-player in two days, Will play multi-player every once in a while.

San Andreas: Missions are still going for over a week, free play will last years.

Wrestling: ...........................

you get your moneys worth and far more with San andreas. This game is huge, and has countless things to do, and countless ways to do them. Halo 2 is a solid game aswell, but it is extremely short, and is just an elaboration from the original, not much difference, except the obvious. It is worth it's money, but San andreas has more to offer, then again these are two different types of games. I take san andreas.

As for raw vs samckdown who cares? I've played the wrestling games before, and there all the same. It also only appeals to fans of wrestling, not many non wrestling fans are going to get into raw vs smackdown.

DiViNe diFiNIty
But halo 2 has fine graphics and the story line is incredible
the fac that you can play as both teams as the master cheif and the covanent.the multiplayer mode is also a fun gaem to play with upgrade from the previous halo multiplayer maps.
and there is a range of difficulties which would keep you playing for days on end

Shaolin Monk
I don't think any of us are saying that the game isn't incredible, or that the graphics aren't "fine"...

I already chose halo2.. I hate wrestling and I hate pretending to be a thug... so that kills the rest of the options

Halo 2 crushes San Andreas in the end... come on, how many of you play Vice City or GTA 3 anymore? i still play Halo 1 once in a while and its been what 3 years? Multiplayer owns almost any game no matter what it is.

they are 3, totally different games..
though i would have to say-
1 Halo 2
2 Andreas
3 SvR

I have both games and San Andreas is better to me. Halo 2's graphics kick San Andrea's graphics ass. But theres a shit load of things to do on SA than Halo 2. More missions, more free roaming, and almost everything in the enviroment is playable.

The Ones
the graphics in SA were much better but they tried it on the ps2 and it over heated because it couldnt handle it. so they had to dim the graphics down a bit

SA is the best out of the 3. Halo 2 is OK, but is very over-rated. SvR is just like all of the other wrestling games out there, and it gets boring in 2 days.

Yeah but it mainly matters if you are a FPS fan or...um..is GTA sim?
Come to think of it what the hell is GTA's genre?

shockinghow dare u!! mad

If i had a PS2 i'd buy Raw vs Smackdown, but nooooo i have to have an xbox!

U get sick of wrestling games too fast
And they are all the same, what difference does it make if its "Raw vs Smackdown"?

Coz its Randy vs John Cena big grin big grin big grin big grin I mean HELLO!!Jumpy

But they all look the same
Sure they might have different attacks but i reckon its funner creating characters

Shaolin Monk

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