street fighter Pack or what??

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I heard there is a 20 somthing year birthday game for Street fighter.

It has Street fighter 2 and such, just wonder does it have the FIRST Street fighter game, never played it would like to, I will only buy it if it has Street fighter 1.

Awesome!!! That game is never gonna get old, it's to awesome!!!!

its street fighter anniversary edition, and i dont think it has the first one...

Whats the point of making a Anniversary of Street fighter if you dont have the first game that started it?

I never did play it, All I know about it is you choose Ryu or Ken(1st or 2nd player) and you go around and beat up people until you make it to Sagat, Beat him and your the champ.

But dont know nothing on game play ete. How good it was or what. I never even saw screen shots of the game lol.

It's the street fighter 2 anniversary edition, and so only features all of the street fighter 2's. (all 5 of them) (UK) Xbox edition and all(US) editions (I think) also comes with Street Fighter 3 3rd strike. It also has the street fighter 2 film on the disk too. However, although you can play as any of the generations of SF2 characters you can only fight against SF2:hyper edition characters in single player mode, which makes it extremely hard.

I just got it today, preet neat, The thing I hate about the PS2 Streetfighter is it has the Street fighter 2 film but you cant play it on a DVD player lol.

Pretty neat, but I rember the game being some what bigger than this game?? Guess it was so long ago I must have forgot. Preety cool any way.

Street Fighter did start the fight game craze, and MK build off of it. Both Mk and SF are great fighting game series.

Kind of upset it did not have 1 though, any one played it? how was it like?

the very first street fighter was called Fighting Street
thats when ryu had red shoes lol

I was contemplating getting this Anniversary Edition, but its just another cash-in on crapcoms part... so I dont believe I will...

and actually the fighting game craze was a face-off between Neo Geo (SNK) and Capcom.. SNK had : fatal fury, samurai showdown, world heroes, king of fighters, art of fighting and capcom had their street fighter (they didnt start darkstalkers til the later 90's)

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