Binary vs X-team

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Emma frost

Discuss the outcome for a battle to the death and for a friendly duel

Takes place in a deserted city

Cosmic Cube
WTF? Do you mean Warbird, or BINARY?

Binary will reduce them to dust...

Its wouldnt be as simple as that. Come on CC i know youre smarter than that lol. In a friendly duel id go for the x team. They have a good variety of powers on their side. Binary could be subdued with winds which could either subdue her or severely restrict her flight. Emmas telepathy could come into play as well warning the others of her intentions and she could do a variety of things such as feeding into her head illusions so binary misfires or she could even knock her out. Rogue could distract her. While the others do the previously mentioned. She'd be no match for her strength or speed wise her job would just be to give the others time.

In a battle to the death i believe binary would win. Shes just too much for the x-girls. There best hope would be emma. But binary could just incinerate them inside of 30 seconds

Cosmic Cube
We're talking about Binary, right? The chick who draws energy from the white hole, who has class 100 strength, manipulates energy/gravity, and flies at greater than light speeds?

These guys don't have a chance!

Cosmic Cube
You mean her, right?

the Darkone
xavier,cable,white queen, Phoenix they will shut her brain down.

Cosmic Cube
This is Binary vs Storm, Emma, and Rouge.

Cosmic cube i know about binary and am fully clued up on what shes capable. She is not immune to telepathy. Shes powerful but shes no phoenix. In the hierarchy shes in between silver surfer and galactus in power. In a friendly duel where i believe the x-team would win. In a proper fight then its binary

Cosmic Cube
What will stop her from KOing all three in less than a second?

As usual it all comes down to speed.
I guess we all can ignore Storm and Rogue, even though they are very powerful, they are no match for Binary. A being, able to fly into a sun unharmed will not exactly be impressed by any lightning, tornado or 40tons-class-punches.
Emma would have to shut her down mentally, so it is:"Who lands the first (mental,physical) strike?"


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