Thoughts on Dragonball Z games

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I think that some of them are allright, but some them, like Budokai was one hell of a mess

Lord Shadow Z
I didn't mind the Budokai games that much. Obviously when you're playing more or less the same system it does get boring a bit but then you've also got to consider the fan factor in games like these. I mean, what got me to play all three and enjoy them is because I'm a big fan of the show and that made me want to continue playing.

the best dbz game I played was bid for power.. a quake 3 arena mod... the rest of them are just very messy and ill-concieved.. they either allow you to fight fast without flying, or they let you fly and you cant do anything else... you'd probably need the next programming pioneer to make a true great DBZ game... sparking! looks like its gonna be the only hope to deliver that...

I liked the old SNES Games....stick out tongue

yeah I like the one on gameboy advance - it was called Goku's Legacy I think

their all decent.But not great or amazing.

some of the most tedious fighting games out there.

No not really. There is lots of variety in the budokai games especially 3. They all have their own moves and specials, transformations, stories. Much more variety than most of the beat em ups out there. If ur a fan of dbz then that makes the games even better.

I wish they'd spend some real time and cover 'all' the areas of the dragonball universe.. (the energy aspects.. the flying aspect and the melee / grabbing aspect)

Blue Dragon
Budokai 2 is good but far far too short in Dragonworld. When you wish for Babidi's ship then yeah it makes the game last longer but there are only 4 stages & it takes ages to get to the Magin M.

I'm nearly there though in a short time but it still takes a lot of battling & staying in the game for as long as possible. I haven't got 3 but plan to buy. I have Goku's Legacy 2 which is good but I'm stuck...

I don't really like DBZ games all that much, they are just DBZ characters slapped on there for popularity.

There are more superioroity in other games.

Blue Dragon
Well no, they are there for a reason or for fun but nevertheless it doesn't really matter, other shows/games do the same.

Budokai 1 and 2 were very enjoyable games. I haven't played 3 yet, and I'm not sure if I will. I haven't played Sagas because it got horrible reviews. I loved the Goku Legacies, though.

Seriously, they could be awesome games if they got a good developer.

i havent played sags but iv played all the budokais out and i loved them dragonworld on 1 was good on 2 was horrible like a bad chess game and i loved the dragonworld on 3 it was all that i wanted but still could be improved a great idea would be to play from a little goku from dragonball all the way to the end of gt and then do the movies or threw them into the story of dragonworld

DBZ Sagas suck!!

okay thank for the advice mate i wont go there then and by the way loving the sig arbiter

i never thought any of the games were that great. i liked the show when i was little but the games just sucked

Can you imagine if a dragonball z game got made by like, bioware or something? The game would kick ass.

Hmm... I wonder what a first person DBZ game would be like...

jnr hiphop
I didn't really like the DBZ games. I don't know what it's like now though. The one's I've played were old ones, but even then they weren't as good.

Blue Dragon
Instead of following the tv series (or movies, not DB, other movies like Fantastic Four) they should be another adventure, totally different. If you watch a show/movie then play it yourself, it's pretty much the same, only you're controlling the characters.

The stroyline's the same, what big differece is there?
A game, where you actually control them, in a 3D game, an adventure game. You see a bad guy in front of you, you kick him.

You fly around looking for others that can help, walk about as two characters & switch between them.

Now this would be good, don't you think!?!

yeah the need to make a new storyline just for the game and the flying aspect cuz thats why i bought boudkai 3 and i was disappointed and played it onl for a month if the can get all the fighting aspects right you know the flying, melee, etc. i'll go buy their games again but after the 3rd one i stopped buying they game if the come out with one like that someone let me know

buu's fury was fun. Every other dbz game i have though blows.

Blue Dragon
Legacy of Goku is good, bits are hard though, fighting android 19 was tough, I kept getting killed! I hid behind something & punched, punched & punched, then finally he died.

I'm stuck finding the last genarator, I've destroyed two, one left. I've looked everywhere loads of times, going to every corner but I can't find anything!

symbiote ruler
th new dbz game tenkaichi has free flight controls and even under water battling. also th arena r ALOT bigger and r fully destructable luks like it cud b a gud game

I liked Goku's Legacy games. They were done in real time and had an adventuring feel, it's strange cause considering the god awful levels of power in the series you'd think they'd turn it into a turn-based Final Fantasy clone lol!

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