Possible or Not?

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roll eyes (sarcastic) Do you guys think it would be possible for Bootstrap to be alive after the curse was lifted.........Well not ME!innocent Because he would already be decayed under water for so long....Or if he didn't decay, when the curse was lifted he would drown.....

What do you guys think???? big grin

if i remember correctly and if memory serves, which isn't always that dependable since i'm an immortal elf who's lived more than i can actually count....er huh what was the question???

oh yeah...bootstrap was never cursed i think since he didn't take the gold...and if he had well, then he'd be dead most likely after the curse was lifted...harrr

Flying High
erm didnt he take the gold and give it to Will...

so then the curse is on him and so he would still be alive (if he got himself back together and back to land before the curse was lifted and seen as it happened yeard ago im pretty sure he could)....

Yup, he had plenty of time to find dry land.

yeah...but wasn't he chained and dropped to the bottom of the ocean?

and if he is alive if what you say....then more'n likely he'll be in potc4

i think he's probably alive because he was cursed and would have gotten to land before they found will and lifted it...

Yeah, i think he's alive. Don't you have to give your own blood to lift the curse? And Bootstrap Bill hasn't done that. So he could still be down at the bottom of the ocean.

I remember the writers hinting that he was still alive in the DVD commentaries. Plus, according to imdb.com he's gonna be in Dead Man's Chest. hmmmm, but it could be in a flashback....

anyway....yeah, i think he's alive big grin

Well, it sorta 50-50 & it all boils down to the way you interpret it. Okay, he took a medallion, he was cursed, he got thrown over, he manged to get free in the 10 years it took for the curse to finally get lifted & he got ashore. But then you could say, well, he didn't actually take gold from the chest, but took it from another pirate after it was brought aboard, therefore he wouldn't be cursed, because Elizabeth & Will would have been cursed if all you needed was possesion of a medallion to be cursed. & why would Barbossa wast his time & rescourses sinking Bootstrap to the bottom of davis Jones Locker if the man couldn't die? So it all depends on the way you view it...& the real answer depends on what the writers want!

huh. I just realized there's another thread on this topic: "Bootstrap Bill (merged)" huh
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