Gameboy Micro

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I thought this was supposed to be a step up to the DS but apparently it's just a remake of the Advance. Oh well. Looks nifty.


the nintendo ds, or whatever its called is a bit big dontya think?

I guess. It's smaller than the PSP in width though.

PSP sounds like it would be better anyway
i think they've gone other the top now creating all these different types,they should let it rest for a bit

GameBoy Micro... this looks stupid. Looks like a waste of money to me erm

Darth Maverick
looks crappy and cheap to me, i see no interest in it

Well, its Nintendo, they always release a new version of the current Gameboy.
Its small which is always a plus.

Well, if you don't already own a GBA, I don't see why you wouldn't buy it. I think Nintendo plans to keep the GBA alive for 2D gaming.

General Kaliero
I doubt 2D gaming will ever die out completely. There's just so much joy in playing an old side-scroller.

I am content with my old GBA, and was content with it even when the SP came out. It's never failed me before, and though the Micro would be nice to have, I doubt I'll ever get one.

Doctor Strange
The numbder of gameboys owned in America still outweighs PSP and DS combined so it's no wonder they'd keep it alive.

OMG.......... will nintendo ever stop !!!!!

Delta 62
It looks cool, but once again the screen is small, and if it's just a new release of the GBA there's no point to it. They remade it once already.

Um, I could fit my Advance in my pocket... Why make an even smaller one?

i think it looks straight...for sure the nintendo fanboys are definetly gonna buy that.....but the question is how much smaller does the micro needs to be?

Tthe Almighty
It needs small than the Gb pocket

The Ones
LOL! its officialy too small to play games!!!!

Its not official. Its somebodies opinion.
G4 Tv crew said it was perfectly fine to play games.

god number 2
the device certainly looks small and seems like it would be interesting to have on your key chain or something but......god dammit what a waste of money on nintendo's part. They have three different versions of one game boy that everybody already has and they all fit in your pocket. It seems to me they need to pay more attention to their newer stuff like revolution and the next GB not just another repackaged GB from 4 years ago

You know, the company is pretty big with offices in two continents. I think it can multitask when it comes to products.

the screen is supposedly higher definition than its larger counterpart.. but aside from that, japan is so rediculously overpopulated that they cant really afford to keep space-wasting items.. I believe they nearly have the population of 2 new york city's in tokyo alone

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