Non-plot related connections between the Prequels and the Original Trilogy

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Hey I've seen some stuff about this so I figured throw it all into one thread. Obviously the plot leads from ROTS to ANH, but insofar as cinematics, props, and other subtleties are concerned, did you notice any? One fellow said that the saber battles seemed slower and more on pace with the OT. Things like that, like the predecessor TIE fighters.... I'll start things off with my own personal favorite:

In reference to the Vader "frankenstein" scene.... I think it's good for one important reason. The concept of Star Wars was always that of the old serials, like Buck Rogers. The OT had a certain aspect of that in it. The PT is very shiny and polished and modern.

One of the biggest problems with the PT is that the atmosphere and the overall style is so modern compared to the OT so it seems out of place. Starting with the Frankensteiny, "Nooo!" scene, everything seems to go back into a more old-fashioned style. ESPECIALLY with that scene. I think it makes a GREAT transition because of this, and I think that's the point. The scene is VERY much in the style of an old serial.

Ok, some more "connection points"

- YT-1300 Corellian freighters in AOTC and ROTS

- Obi-Wan's Boga sound in ANH

- Obviously, some of the ships like the ARC fighters (X-Wings) and the big battle ships (early Star Destroyers)

- the clone trooper helmets looking a lot more like classic era stormtroopers

- Imperial uniforms during the final Vader/Palp/Tarkin scene

- The Tantive IV (aka Leia's ship in ANH) - nice recreation of the original there.

Yeah, I really liked the star destroyer bridge scene. I wasn't expecting the imperial uniforms, or the fact that the bridge looked like the ones from the OT.

The Biker Scout
And the White halls of Organa's Blockade runner

Padme's buns

yes I know how that sounded..... yet I feel I must repeat it


hmmmmm.....seen Closer?

Anyhow...Yeah, I noticed that the fights seemed more OT as well. Especially Mace/Palps.

The sound Vader's helmet makes when the top dome snaps on, same sound from ESB when his helmet is put back on so he can speak to an officer.

A lot of the dialogue..."So uncivilized"...."Hello there"....were references to older lines.

Anakin and Obi-wan's Jedi starfighter's looked like prototype TIE fighters, as well as the other fighters that looked like prototype X-Wings.

Obi-wan being called Red Leader during the Battle of Coruscant.

There are lots more, but those are the ones that really stood out for me.

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