The speech Before the DUEL

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I tell you what i had goosebumps and felt really sad as obi wan was telling anakin about the republic, That was the best poin of the movie for me, And when he said I HAVE FAILED YOU ANAKIN I HAVE FAILED YOU.

This was by far my fav star wars movie.

i liked the way Anakin stopped choking Padme When Obi told him to stop, it was kinda like what a Father would say to a Son and then Anakin stopped.

Yeah the speech before the duel was pretty crazy. I loved the scene where anakin is facing the camera and he has his back to obi wan, and he starts talking about his new empire. Much better acting than attack of the clones..... excluding the whole "im SO in love with you" part. Lucas shouldve taken that out.

you have allowed this dark lord to twist your mind untill now, untill now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy...
and so on.....

i absolutely loved that part !

One of my favorite parts.

jango fatt
I more liked the speech after the duel

Yeah, that was a good one too.

That was great, it showed emotion something that was seriously lacking in 1 and 2

Both speeches were good....but I cried when Obi-Wan did the after-duel speech....

And Anakin just screamed 'I hate you.'
Poor poor Obi-Wan.

The speech was amazing, both before the duel and during it also.

nolan lepaz
The best speech was.
Anakin- I love you
Padme-No I love you
Anakin-I love you more
Padme- No I love you more
Anakin- I love you times iffinity
Padme-I love you times infinnity and one
Anankin-I love you infinity times infinty times
well you get the point

That sucked SO bad.

nolan lepaz
I know dude. I don't mind love stories but that was too sh*tty beside Episode 2 already covered the love story Ep 3 should have only trouched on it they didn't need to say how much they love each other Anakin proved that when he saved Palpatine's life by stopping Mace.

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