Things you would have changed from the PT

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Things you would have changed from the PT to fit better with the story or with the OT.

_ Anakin constructing R2, C3PO being from Padme (makes more sense: a protocol droid for a Queen, a mechanical droid for a guy that builds a podrace)
_ All senators wearing White clothes while on senate (It would give it that Classic Movie and Hisorial look)
_ Clone Wars starting on EP1 (even with anakin as a little boy)


Jar-Jar Binks.

Need I say more?

In the space fight at the end of Episode 1 , we should see more Droid Starfighters obliterated , it's very unsatisfying as it is . IE- we see one of them crash.... thats all. What happened to the "Good shot Red 3!!!" -style moments of pilot comradery in the earlier trilogy. Enemy starships exploding are what made the space fights so apealing , did George Lucas not notice this??? . As for Episode 2 I think it's perfect the way it is apart from some of the acting .

xyz jedi
Qui-Gon Jinn dying. Because then Vader would kill him in ep 3 making Obi-Wan angrier and wanting to kill Vader which would of been a better fight then talk, clash, jump, no legs, leave. It would of been way cooler and Vader might die and Obi-Wan could be evil!

PloKoon Forever
darth maul dying and he should live untill 2... then dooku could pretend to be sifo dias, and maybe even show grivous, oh and make yoda and nute gunray cg, (have you seen nute?) how 'bout making the space battle at the end more like the ep. III opening secuence, and reduce jar jar's role, Anakin kills Maul in ep. II, battle of naboo more war like, like kashyyk, or geonosis, bigger roles for all jedi, (plo, sannsee, kit, the gang, y did mace bring them, skills? if so show them in battle at geonosis) the droid ship sequence at geonosis, BETTER ACTORS, 3po made at naboo, ankin killing the driod ship less of an accident, no jabba cameo?, maybe extend the movies?(a longer battles in PHM, another battle after geonosis, to show off the clones, and Vader killing the younglings and jedi, shaak ti's death, maybe a better death for Plo koon!!! and lines, that scene where anakin beats up greedo in phm, sidious dosent kill as fast, more, but i dont wanna over do it

DeVi| D0do

- Cut out everything that doesn't happen on Tatooine. EVERYTHING.

I would cut out Hayden.

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