What Would It Take to "Sway Your Allegiance"...

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Primitive Screwhead
We all know that each of the big three have their fanatics, that would swear to no end to stay loyal to their brand of choice with each emerging generation. The question I really want to pose is... what would it take?

For you Sony extremists, either what games or features would actually get you to consider looking at the other ones? I've never been one to stay focused on any particular brand, but in the last go around I stayed away from Sony just on a perceived arrogance when they first released the system. I've since amended my thoughts on that original premise, and now with word that the PS3 will be backwards compatible on all three generations, I may sway back and pick one up this go around.

But seriously, this question really is directed at the fanboys (or girls)... the extremists, if you will. Is there any possibility that a Nintendite could actually entertain looking into buying either a 360 or PS3? I'm curious.

...this thread ought to get interesting now.

I dont really hold an allegiance.. I just root for the underdog... its annoying to see talent trampled just because a few morons have billions of dollars

Which ever system has the least amount of bugs, or which ever works them out faster, and which ever seems to have the funner games is where my choice will lie.

I used to be loyal to the Gamecube in fact. But then decided to get online and got a great bundle broadband deal which included an Xbox and wow does Xbox Live rock!

Well, I never really stick to one console only. Right now, I have Gamecube, XBox, and PS2! As long as a console is a reasonable price, is getting good reviews and feedback etc, and the games look like very, very, very good quality games, then to me, it's a good systems.

Oh yeah, and if the games are higher than $50, I refuse to buy them! $50 is already a huge investment for me!

Then the new consoles will suck for you because estimated prices are $90.- for a single game

Primitive Screwhead
Originally posted by Fishy
Then the new consoles will suck for you because estimated prices are $90.- for a single game

Nope... only $59.99. Electonics Boutique already has pricing online on select 360 titles.

I dont believe anything that EB says or does.

I've heard a lot of playstation fans are already swayed because the new PS is like a tivo/playstation hybrid and is going to cost like $500.

Neo Geo had really expensive games, and look where that went... erm

They better not make the same mistake! mad

I don't really care. That is, until someone starts flaming the other.

i just go for the one with the games i want to play, which has so far been playstation...

General Kaliero
I used to be a Nintendo fanboy, but looking at the three systems now, I definitely want a PS3.

I still plan to buy a Revolution for the backwards compatibility, though.

while i;ve always respected the xbox system, i've never been into the games as much. i thought halo was very overrated, plenty of first person games out and you're better off with a pc for them gta takes too long to come out for xbox, and when they are the controls are dreadful. of course the pad themselves are'nt very good unless its a first person shooter. always thought the fact of the hard drive for music was stupid too, i have a stereo. "ah yes but we can play games and listen to music at the same time!" well turn the game music off and put your stereo on! i'll stick with playstation, and hope a normal control pad will be available for it, the new ones look terrible.

stereo sucks, they never play the songs you want to hear

i take it you dont know how to operate your stereo? or select which tracks you want to listen too?

I originally got a ps2 about a few months after launch and for a while it was all I played....but then a bunch of the games ot stale and I just couldt get into stuff like the FF titles for it. GTA 3 made me like it for a while, but except for the ace combat games I haven't really looked back.

I've always used my gamecube, overall it just has the most hours on it.

I got an Xbox in christmas 03. I rarely played it except to expiriment with Morrowind or kung fu chaos. until I got halo that is. I put massive hours into halo and halo 2. Now that I have halo 2 live and KOTOR plus that morrowind I never finished I dare say I've put alot of time into it. However until 3 weeks ago It was gliched out and I had to repair it.

I don't like the Ps2 because of their marketing style, how few first party games they put out, I think it says something about their company.

The Xbox is okay, but really, It's just my big black Halo, halo 2, Kotor, Jade empire, morrowind game console.

now the gamecube........they've put out a HUGE number of first party titles (whether this is from the lack of 3rd party support or they're business attitude is debatable), with only a few bad rehashes and such (pokemon stadium, the 4 GC mario parties...I mean come on it's not even mario party any more) when it does get a 3rd party title exclusive it's usually kickass. they want you to have fun. Beating a hoocker to death isn't fun. (debatable) (free range gameplay however is fun)

I won't say the Ps2 ever really swayed me.

I wont say the Xbox swayed me with it's marketing style, it's gargantuan controller, or it's features.

I have an Xbox because I really, really, really, really, really ,really like Halo. Online play only sweetened the deal. Nabbing KOtor and Morrowind afterward was just pure luck.

overall, I still am a nintendite at heart though.

Primitive Screwhead
Originally posted by Robo-Chocobo

The Xbox is okay, but really, It's just my big black Halo, halo 2, Kotor, Jade empire, morrowind game console.

I would strongly recommend trying Ninja Gaiden, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Voodoo Vince and the original MechAssault. Most of them are cheaper now, and represent a very diverse group of very good X-Box only titles.

When you say stereo you mean radio. Plus its much easier just to have to music on the Xbox in the first place. And it would have been easier and more clearer if you just said CD player!

Oral sex.

Big Evil
All companies inevitably release a new system every year expecting me to flush out another three hundred books. I give them all the middle-finger.

But before I realized this falacy I was a big SEGA fan.

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