What Do You Think Would Have Happened

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Ani's Girl
If Mace had allowed Anakin to go with him to arrest Palpatine?

Darth Halo
I don't think he would've joined the darkside because he would have seen what really transpired in the office of palpatine. He came in after Mace had him floored thus it looked like the jedi were trying to control the senate.

Ani's Girl
I thought so too....funny how the subsequent times I've seen it I keep want to kick Mace for not taking him, LOL!!!

The same thing. Anakin would of been like "I need him!" and stuff then kill mace.

DeVi| D0do
No, he'd have known Palpatine was lying about the Jedi trying to take over.

Darth Halo
yeah the lies would have been revealed. then he knows that the darkside is truly corrupt and Anakin would have seen and made a decison to fight for the jedi and probably got killed by palpy

No, palpy would use the "only I have the power to save the one you love" argument, and anakin's greed would have made him make the same decision and collect Mace's hand.

jango fat
The jedi DO try to take over, mate.
They're trying to kill the supreme chansellor

Captain REX
Jango, they have a good reason. Not every day that the leader of the galaxy is a Sith Lord with every intent of sending the Republic straight to hell. stick out tongue

But yes, Anakin would have found out that Palpatine was truely evil, not at all nice and willing to help...

Palpatine did put on quite a show. Too bad Anakin didn't see the dead Jedi in the other room.


Captain REX
FISTO: Anakin...watch where you're...

*ANAKIN tramples on FISTO's injury, killing him*

I remember seeing images a while ago, where Anakin was with Palpatine when Mace and co. come in to arrest him. We all know that wasn't the case in the final movie, but it really makes me wonder how it would have turned out.

Captain REX
They did that on purpose, to do exactly that. roll eyes (sarcastic)

They didn't film a scene a certain way to make people speculate on it. GL changed his mind later. All they had to change was the pre-fight talk & the new arrival of Anakin. Look closely at the saber hilt that Palpatine is using when he is dueling Mace. It's Anakin's. In the original scene Palpatine force grabbed Anakin's saber to fight the 4 masters trying to arrest him. This is the "real" reason why Palpatine still had a lightsaber left to fight Yoda. originally, that was the first time he pulled out his own saber. But when GL changed the story around, they reshot the arrest scene & had Palps snap out his saber from his sleeve there as well.

Sources? Making Of book & OS.

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