Magneto Vs. Xavier, but..

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Alright, I'm new here. I checked and this topic wasn't around. I wanted to make something more interesting than most others. Make a good first impression? =)

Magneto (Whenever his level of power was closest to Proffesor X's) with the Venom symbiote.


Proffesor X with the Carnage symbiote.

What do you all think?

long pig
First off, Welcome to the forum!


Anyways, I'd x would just mind rape Mags, unless mag's still has his helmet on while being overtaken by the symbiote.

Ah, thank you long pig. And for the quick response too.

When I made this I was originally thinking how the symbiotes would affect their actions in the fight. Maybe make 'em go crazy with their powers.

But can't Magneto block off psychic attacks with just the use of his abilities? Though I'd say Magneto wins either way.

Magneto can block the attacks with his helmet.
The symbiote would heal the proffesor and allow him to walk again, if you are talking about the newer version, im not to sure about the older ones. Magneto can fly, so that would be cool. I dont think they would be able to think strait with the symbs on. Venom would kick in, and leveling cities by throwing every metal object at Prof/Carnage. But Prof/Car would block most if not all that is thrown at him. It would be a stalemate, until they go hand to hand. then Canage's ability would be a huge factor in winning it. The ability to create shap objects.
so i think it would go to Prof/Car.

Witihout helmet, X takes this convincingly.

well yea, if you want to skip all the good stuff, the stuff where stuff flies..lotta stuff you know!

I read in Magneto's bio that he was able to increase his physical strength to class 100 with his powers. And he can create a forcefield around his body.

I just don't see Professor Carnage standing up to that in a hand to hand fight, if it came to that.

Also, is Professor X able to ward off Magneto's type of mind control?

Does Prof X have untapped TK ability and if so would the symbiote augment these to the point where they would be significant in a fight?

I'm not an expert on the symbiote abilities, but I'm not sure what would lead you to believe that would be in their nature- augmenting telekentic abilities. They always seemed kinda 'physical power'. *Shrug* I don't know.

But if that were so, then he just gained a power Magneto already had. Would Venom augment their mutations?

I think that Xavier would have greater control over the symbiote cos hes a world class psychic. Thats got to count for something in this fight..........

The Carnage sym no matter what kicks ass. With the PrfX in it, ALL WILL DIE!

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