Everquest 2, Matrix online, Star Wars galaxies

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Stealth Agent
Im new to MMORPGS. I want to get one of these three games. I don't know which one to get.

I have a
and a

Does anyone know which game my computer can handle?

Thanks big grin

Stealth Agent
i guess no one has played these or knows the tech advise?

Get World of Warcraft, perfect if you're new to the genre. Very easy to pick up and learn, but difficult to master.

Plus it's basically simply the best MMOG out their right now.

Yeah, WoW is a pretty kickass game from what I heared.

Dont get Star Wars Galaxies. It sounds cool, but definitly does not feel like the Star Wars universe.

The Matrix, I briefly played. It was alright, but its a system hog and again, its not what the movies look like.

World of Warcraft~

Get World of Warcraft

I have played SWG and MxO. MxO has a really nice fighting system but thats pretty much all there is thats nice. The playerbase ruins all the live events due to players yelling stuff like "OMFG M0ph3us I [email protected] choo!!!1!1." and dancing without clothes on. Star Wars had the potential to be great and still does, that is, if the dev's gave a shit, which they don't. Also, SWG is almost unplayable with 512 ram since the combat "upgrade."
I have not played Everquest and dont know anything about it. I have heard WOW is fun but the alot of the playerbase is very immature. I don't know for myself though. It's just what I have heard. I can't really recommend anything thats worth the money you pay monthly.

Even though I have not played it yet, I just got City of Heroes about a month or so ago and it was nominated for best MMORPG so maybe you should look into that game and check it out.

I have never played a MMORPG before so I can't really tell you anything specific about any of those three above but Matrix Onine was my second choice next to City of Heroes when I was choosing which one I should get.

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