Did Lucas cancel the Entire Star Wars Saga DVD set

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For the last couple months, that's all I heard was that the entire saga dvd set would be out on December 6th.

I wrote that down so I wouldn't forget, because I wasn't going to bother to get any other saga set, no matter what else Lucas through in, ala Special Editions, etc, etc, etc.

Now within the last couple weeks there has been nothing. Did he cancel it, or push the date back?

All that was, was this rumor that TF.N posted a while back. There were NEVER any official announcements of such a release. The saga box set won't be out until somtime in 2007. Lucas has said this himself.

huh why do we have to wait till then

not that i would buy it, but does GL plan on releasing a prequel box set any time soon?

Don't see why not. More $$

And why did anyone expect the box set out this year? We just got RoTS a month ago, not even. Why wait until 2007? Well, uh, why not? Let people enjoy their current DVDs for a year or two... it wouldn't sell as good now, since everyone already completed their collections anyway. Makes perfect sense to wait, I wouldn't mind if it were 2008 or 2009, by then better transfers onto Blu-ray or HD-DVD would be out, another reason why they probably are waiting.

Yeah... I don't mind, I'm probably not going to buy it, 'cause it'll cost at least 100 bucks.

because in episode 3 they finally got alot of effects right on but when looking back on ep 1 and 2 especially with Yoda why might redo him because they did redo his closeup for kicks on the making of ROTS and it looks so real you wouldnt think it was a puppet or a computer image, ever. not to mention so that they can finally make ep 1 fully digital cause it was only partially. maybe even refine added scenes they did when they sold the DVD cause some of them just sucked.

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