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I have the ambition to become a professional Star Wars novelist, because of my love of the movies and their deep philosophies. I'm 18 years old now, living in Sweden, and have already written an amateur short-story trilogy, set in the KotOR era (very average stuff). But now I want to become serious with this. I'm very confused on how it all works; what is allowed, what is disallowed, and so forth. My vision is to write a trilogy set some thousand years after the time of Exar Kun, involving a new conflict between Jedi and Sith, as well as the disillusion therein. But what is permitted? I know I have to go through Lucas to get anything Star Wars published, but is it allowed to write about such times where no comic book, no video game, no other novelist, or any Lucas-related thought has gone? Or do I have to keep myself to the New Republic, Prequel Trilogy etc. ?

exanda kane
If you ever want to work for LucasArts you've gotta establish yourself as a writer first - Lucas would never allow anything that has a risk factor to have a chance these days.

Get sending those drafts away to publishers and see if you get any feedback.

yeh, thats true. i too have ambitions to do just that - though not working in such an era. this is why i have started writing my own series, just to establish myself first... then i am going for the big time!

All right, thanks for the information. smile

exanda kane
And surely it would be a good idea to diverse your self in different genres instead of merely sticking to Sci-Fi/Fantasy...

And bear in mind most writers do not even attempt there first book until there middle-aged...

I write a lot of craptastic stories myself but I can say that you don't just write a novel. Just begin with a bit of summary like stories and expend from there.

Also in SW like stories, you should really create an enemy wich stands out as 'strong' in the story by making him kill some main characters. Otherwise the ending won't be nearly as exciting if it's just some bad guy dying. The odds should always be against the good guy.
Ah.. As long as there is a good climax it's okay. smile

exanda kane
As long as you dont take liberties with just how strong Jedi are it doesnt matter *cough* NJO *cough*

Yeah, if they would do something like that in a movie, it would suck terribly. (jedi actually already suck terribly evil face )

But then again.. I haven't read NJO, so I don't know what's exciting about them.

exanda kane
I started but then......nothing. not a single desire to carry on after vector Prime.

Its the Vong - they suck! Another travesty for the EU - the Vong!

In other words dont create villains that practically mirror existing ones but with a few new cliched ideas nicked from Star Trek in them.

I don't know why NJO is bashed so much, I don't see anyone complaining about how powerful Exar and Naga are.

Greyrobes, like was said above, don't make the Jedi uber.

exanda kane


Hey a fellow writer! I hope you do manage to do well with your dreams. Mine are still in the works but I have high hopes.

exanda kane
I have ambition of course. But getting A+ coursework like i did does not mean I have the ability to be a writer, I'm not even sure If I'd want to be a writer.

And the ultimate test for any would be Star Wars author would be create a brilliant SW book without including a lightsaber fight, nor even word of the power of the force etc. Forget the flashy set pieces and go for character building.

You have a great vision Greyrobes, for a book we've all probably been dying to read ever since the travesty of the NJO. I hope your reach your goals andthensome. Good luck with it.

Captain REX
I am a great writer (or so I'm told...sometimes I feel I don't do very well...) myself, and I have yet to step away from the Star Wars genre to make my own, lasting story. Star Wars is a good place to start, because I know it well.


I don't think I'll ever try to get Del Rey or LucasArts to allow me to write for them.

Prieda Solo
Good luck with the writting. I am a (pretty bad) fanfic writter and the problem I have is finnishing the darn things. I must have started at least five star wars novels, never finished a single one.

Ideas just keep coming *sigh* and also i'm busy at school and stuff.

The main problem with star wars fanfic is trying to keep it star wars without going cliche. I personally like the characters best, Han, Luke, Liea complemented each other so well. With no proper characters the thing falls flat. (See Attack of the Clones)


Damn.. Everyone is a writer these days.
The problem is that we all get compliments.. I would rather have criticism.

Originally posted by Greyrobes
To be metaphorical, I want to give "Gods" a sense of humanity; that even the mightiest may weep, or that the even the most good of us may turn to darkness. That even the most of evil of us may catch a hint of light, at some point in his or hers life. That not everything is what it seems. That leads me to the main theme of my would-be story: the grey shade between the two prominent presences of light and dark. Is there something like absolute evil, or absolute good? Y'all get the idea.

You've got some good ideas and all, good luckthumb up

If you havent read the Thrawn trilogy, I recommend it. This is a prime example of how a good book is written. The characters are made, not just added in. Each character has their own style, the events are thought out flawlessly and the action is described so well its like watching a movie. You could just feel the story fall into place in the SW universe.

The only thing you'd want to pay attention to writing in that sort of era is continuation. Writing after the OT, you can make anything happen. Writing before though, you have to stick to certain things.

you go! uddles!

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