About Dooku losing to Anakin.

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Hello Friend
Where's the evidence that Dooku WAS going all out?

Also, where's the evidence that Dooku was holding back?

I'm unsure what to make of this scene in RotS.

there is no evidence.

my take: dooku was holding out as per his arrogance. his intention was to turn anakin and have him kill sidious, as i believe he hoped from kenobi in ep2. he baits anakin by telling him to release his anger and hate, and gets far more than he expected. off with the head.

darth vraya
I personally think dooku was going all out. Dooku had been almost defeated by anikan as a padawan and I think he knew, sidious there or not, that he had to be careful with anikan

Tangible God
"Almost defeated in AOTC by padawan Anakin?"

Dude... wtf?

yeah, anakin got his ass handed to him in ep2. not even debatable

But he put up a nice fight for a puny padawan.

Tangible God
Hardly, Dooku was toying with him. One minute long hesitation and Dooku finally takes his sweet time lopping off that fruit's arm.

Dooku was messin wit anakin's head,he probly wanted anakin to join him n kill sidious,cuz cmon,dooku prolly sensed the plot from sidious

Darth Kal-El
Originally posted by Hello Friend
Where's the evidence that Dooku WAS going all out?

Also, where's the evidence that Dooku was holding back?

I'm unsure what to make of this scene in RotS. ROTS novel.

Pretty much said and done, closing.

Originally posted by Hello Friend
where's the evidence that Dooku was holding back?

Chapter 2 of the ROTS novel.

Padmé Amidala
Basically all there is know is that Anakin was fighting out with Dooku with revenge in his heart. He's a more experienced warrior than he was in Ep II, so he was determined to show Dooku so as he was still effected with what happened. Anakin was simply better than Dooku, and thats why he lost

its simple, Dooku is a Sith lord, those dudes always wanna bring the worst out in everyone, its in their nature to spread lies, deciet and corruption, well as far as Dooku goes. Anakin/Vader had a different Sith nature, more a need for order as well as power.

If you look at Dooku's dialogue, you can sure see that he was provoking Anakin. I think it's not because he wanted Anakin at his side....not at all...He wanted to defeat him so he couldn't take his place at Sidious' side. He was provoking him so he would make a mistake which would result in his defeat. But Dooku like any Sith Lord was overconfident.
About Dooku telling about Sidious to Obi-Wan in ep II? That was not to get Kenobi at this side. Dooku wanted the Jedi to know that there possible was a Sith Lord in the senate to create suspicion between the senate and the Jedi.

the ROTS novel makes it perfectly clear that dooku was set-up by sidious
for the reason that

1.)sidious wanted to test the water with anakin and felt that dooku was obsolete
2.)he knew once anakin had killed dooku he would be able to brainwash him into thinking the dark anti-jedi murder was his own revenge
3.)dooku at first was toying with anakin but as it states in the novel soon realised he was in trouble but by then he had given anakin too much time to gather his confidence and his anger and hate

the book i read was written by matthew stover i dont know if there are other ROTS books written by other authors but this is how it is in that one

the scene in the film is quite in-accurate to the story as it does not portray dooku's struggle well enough i think thats why people get confused

yeah, I like the novel, but there is a lot in the novels that the writers add themselves...so I don't know if you can consider everything missing as canon. For example...Anakin is upset that he ain't a master cause he can't get access to the holocrons. That was never in the script...that was just invented by the writer himself.

Jedi Priestess
No it isnt canon but I do believe the ROTS novel was approved by GL wasnt it?

Darth Traya
Dooku was clearly superior to Anakin and Obi-Wan. He was able to WTFpwn Kenobi and kick Anakin a few metres backwards.

Dooku uses a style designed for dueling and has far more experience than both of them.

I think Dooku was just being arrogant, personally.

I'd have liked the novel better if the writer hadn't done that "this is how if feels like to be anakin" to death!

"This is how it feels like to read a novel that uses a cheap literary device: 'cough, hack, wheeze.'"

Ya know, in practically every lightsaber battle, somebody makes a mistake. Every time somebody loses an arm, they usually leave it hanging out there a half-second too long, with no protection. It's like two boxers where one will connect to the chin because the other didn't protect his face.

And I think a lot of the time we see the arm unprotected for so long is so we the viewers can see it being taken off, which is artist's license. And actually it's not that long, but seeing it over and over and breaking it down frame-by-frame in slow motion makes us think "Gee those jedi were idiots."

Tangible God
Well that's how one wins melee fights ain't it, split-second mistakes.

Dooku was holding back.Sidious wanted to test Anakin, to see if he was ready, and if he wasn't then let him go and 'cook for awhile' as GL put it.



Jack Daniels
Novel goes with movie just in more detail.....simple Dookieboy intended to hold back and found out that was a mistake...found out (carl weathers) "THE HARD WAY" (rocky)

Originally posted by craft-a-saber
you do make a good point but doesn't it make you wonder that maybe the whole thing is shit

GL:ahh matthew(stover) do you have your completed novel
matt:yeah right here check out the death of dooku scene

1 week passes......


GL:hi matt i finished your book
matt:jesus george its 2 in the morning
GL:yeah i know and my mum don't even know hahaha
matt: yeah so did you like it
GL:like it?. i love it i only wish i had payed as much attention in the films i mean you have made the story much more gripping .......
GL:hello matt are you there? heeeellllloooooo fine bollocks then

see i got this from pacific bell

proof that the book builds on the good story line but if it was false then why did GL approve it?

I don't know, but GL says what he says. Go ask Lucas why he did. But as it stands, he says Anakin beat Dooku fair and square, and he has highest authority seeing as he's the creator, so hes right in all cases. If he says something that contradicts what another author has written, then THAT OTHER author is wrong, not Lucas.

This is the policy of these boards and the policy of Lucasfilm:

"When it comes to absolute canon, the real story of Star Wars, you must turn to the films themselves - and only the films. Even novelizations are interpretations of the film, and while they are largely true to George Lucas' vision (he works quite closely with the novel authors), the method in which they are written does allow for some minor differences."

That answers your question I think.

What does that mean? Anakin beat Dooku fair and square, and thats that.

if thats canon then there is no need for these boards are there what is the point discussing something that you can learn from the films

because this is debate

thats what the boards are here for

if GL contradicts himself who is wrong then

the GL who makes a film that looks as though anakin one by fluke

or the GL that agrees how a book dictates that dooku came in confidently toying with anakin but soon shits himself when he realises he cant win and has been set-up

There isn't a point OF THIS THREAD anymore. Lucas's comments have told us what trainspired. There is still a point to these boards though, I dont know what your talking about.

GL does not contradict himself, where does he do that? He tells us Anakin wins, then Anakin wins. Thats it. The author of the Novel contradicted Lucas, he did not contradict himself. And unfortunately what Lucas says wins over the author of the novel says.

Opinion. It didn't look to me in the film as though Anakin won by fluke. It looked to me that Anakin got pissed off and kicked Dooku's ass after Dooku almost killed his master and friend.

I dont quite get the point your trying to make here but Lucas is right, no matter what. Lucas says Anakin won, then Anakin won. There is nothing else.

Master Saesee
The plan was kill kenobi enrage Skywalker but Palpatine wanted Anakin to Kill Dooky so he could convert Anakin to the dark side

Darth Subjekt
how did he win by a fluke? he was constantly pressing Dooku, pursuing him. Easily cut BOTH his hands off, and then lopped his big ass head off. If you were going easy on someone and all of a sudden you found out that wasnt enough, are you gonna continue to go easy or try your best? Then he looked surprised as he knelt before Anakin, awaiting to lose hi head...to me and apparently GL himself...Anakin pwned him.

Ganner Rhysode
The GL commentary as well as the canon novelization makes it clear that Dooku was holding back.

Darth Subjekt
well then he was really smart wasn't he? He paid with his life for being a dumbass who was holding back. Much like ((The_Anomaly)) has stated, GL said Anakin won fair and square and what happened next? ANAKIN WON......FAIR AND SQUARE! Dooku, for being so superior sure got his ass kicked.

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