Dinobots vs Avengers

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Two teams of Giant Robots with Giant guns vs Avengers these are the Dinobots from Robots in Disgiuse

Grimlock - Tyrannosaurus Rex (Team Leader)
Slag - Triceratops
Sludge - Brontosaurus
Snarl - Stegosaurus
Swoop - Pteranodon


The Avengers
Immortal Hercules
Iron Man
Savage Hulk

Dinobots are incredibly tough but slow. Only Swoop files, and he'll be outmanuvered in the air by Iron Man & Wonder Man. Given a long time, these Avengers should eventually come out on top.

I think the last ones standing would be Savage Hulk,Immortal Hercules & Atlas


Where's Kontraz when you need him? roll eyes (sarcastic)

2 words : Godfroce Blast laughing big grinbig grinbig grin rock

Ummmm, Thor's not on this team.no expression

The Dinobots's won't win but they'll last a while. Afterall they managed to keep Galvatron busy for a whole issue. Comic Galvatron is a force of nature. Able to draw raw strength from Unicron at will he overpowered Piranhacon rather easily. Piranhacon can lift 4,000,000tons. Admitedly when the Dinobots faught him they barely scatched him but no one died which is a feat in itself.

Are we talking comic book or cartoon Dinobots? Comic book dinos were weaker but smarter then their cartoon counterparts. Cartoon dinos were dumb as dirt, but tough enough to take on the entire decepticon army by themselves on more then one occasion.

Either way, Optimus Prime's strength was listed as being able to lift 2000 tons. Grimlock is considered to be either his equal or superior in this department. The other Dinobots aren't exactly weak either. In terms of strength Swoop is probably the only one who isn't stronger then base level hulk.

I'd put it like this:

Atlas: Can grow to be as big as Devastor, but that probably just means he gets to feel the full force of Grimlock's fist in his face before he comes crashing down.

Rage: Stepped on by Sludge.

Iron Man: He can outfly Swoop, but Swoop has bigger missles. Although if he's lucky he can take out Swoop's wings.

Namor: Stupidly faces off against the business end of Slag. "Hmmm, why me Slag smell fishsticks?" smile

Immortal Hercules and Wonder-Man: Do pretty well and hold their own, right up to the point where the Dinos remember they can transform into big robots with big freaking guns.

Savage Hulk: Hard to say. Early on, strength-wise, he's going to be no match. It'll probably take him a while to make it up to Grimlock's strength level. The longer he's in the fight the better his chances. On the other hand he's also probably the only one on the team who could relate to the Dinobots ("Hulk smash!" "Me Grimlock kick butt!"wink, so if they start talking I say they wind up teaming up and beating on everyone.

roll eyes (sarcastic)

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