Oro and Ryu against Akuma and Gill

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Demonic Phoenix
Master and Pupil(to be) take on 2 of SF's most powerful characters.

They are all from 3rd strike but Ryu can become Evil Ryu if he wants(I don't know if Oro will allow it thoughsmile).

Oro can unseal his arm and Akuma can turn into Shin Akuma and if one of them turns into his more powerful incarnation, the other HAS to do the same i.e. if Akuma becomes Shin Akuma, Oro HAS to unseal his arm.
Ryu can turn into Evil Ryu if he wants.
Gill can resurrect himself once only.
(Shin) Akuma and Ryu(if he turns into Evil Ryu) can use the Shun Goku Satsu only once. But they are allowed to use other killer techniques as many times as they want.

Who wins?

Shin Akuma and Gill

without question. Ryu is nonfactor in this

Tha C-Master
Unless it was "max" ryu, then it would be Shin Akuma and Gill, Ryu is strong but Oro and Akuma are seen about even, so that leaves Gill, Oro unsealed could most likely beat him, but not him and Akuma both.

Shin Bison would have been interesting though. Since he is seen around Gill level.

Darkstorm Zero
Hmm, I think the fact that Akuma is in his Shin form breaks this Tie breaker.

Normal Akuma's already on the top tier with Gill, Unsealed Oro and Final Bison... the fact that Akuma's in his Shin stage makes him vastly more powerful. Even Max Ryu finds an equal in shin Akuma... IMO

Tha C-Master
I thought Akuma and Oro were about equals... Gill was supposedly a little weaker. I think "Max" Ryu would be able to beat Akuma... slightly... considering that during his time span he has done things Akuma couldn't... like bring his hado up to dark hadou standards. That is just my opinion however.

Akuma and Oro are no eqeals. Gill is also weaker then the other 2.

Regular Akuma kicked Gill's ass HARD in sf 2 second impact. he used shun goku satsu too end the fight.

Akuma walked away, you know that walk he does with his back to his opponent, like he was pethatic. He also does it in the Alpha Anime, when Ryu came to Akuma to ask if he had a son.

But anyhow, Gill Resurected. but Akuma was already gone.

Shin Akuma is a BEAST, you can fight against him in second impact. OMG that DAMAGE, those COMBO'S!!! blink

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