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"To the Highest Bidder"

In a dark time long before modern man was around there was an age of swords, magic, and demons. Many armies were formed over the thousands of years. Many factions were formed by all races to raise an army just to attack other factions. Now a major war were most of the factions have chosen alliance has been waged. In this war millions will die and one side will control all of the known world. The two major leaders are Alexandr, a headstrong human that is power hungry and will do anything to get himself in the lead. The other is an half-demon, Markis, who is more level headed but is ruthless in all that he does.

You however will be a mercenary that will choose which faction suits you or just pays the best. It will be your job in the beginning will be to just kill all that you can during the battle until you are ordered to retreat or the other team flees the battle. Pick your loyalties wisely because only one army will emerge victorious. After completing assigned battles you will be able to afford more equipment or even just a fun night at the tavern. If you choose a faction but it doesn't suit your fancy, you will be able to change but first you must kill the amount of enemies that you slew of the other team. When in the town thought most of the mercenaries will be able to just pall around with their enemy until the next battle or, you can have a brawl and take the spoils. It is all your choice on what to do but it is the leader that you picked that will in the end decide your fate. (Battles, money, etc.)

Half breed (of the above mentioned.)

Heather Tsukana
(srry i just found this after i said i would join lol.)

haha it's fine. I don't think i am really in the mood to bring this to life yet

Heather Tsukana
OOC: thats ok then

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