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How great does Susan Sarandon STILL look at her age? She's got the perfect look as the villain for this movie:


My girlfriend e-mailed me this trailer, she's a big Grey's Anatomy, Dempsey-McDreamy fan and I have to say it looks pretty damn entertaining. The skewering of the traditional Disney fairytale story has major potential. Plus Amy Adams, so hot and underrated. Awesome in Talledega Nights. smokin'

A month ago or so my friend dragged me to the theatre to see this with her, and I wasn't really keen on it, dismissing it as another one of those crap movies.

I really should have given this movie more credit, and Disney as well, this movie just sucked me in right away, it's pretty corny during the first cartoon part but after the girl emerges from a sewer in downtown NYC wearing a wedding dress it gets interesting. She and I both cried near the end. We walked out and even danced in the pavilon where they were playing the "Ever Ever After" song.

This movie is essentially a revival of the classic Disney ideas, like happily ever after, love's true kiss, etc. It pays obvious homage to classic Disney tales including all three major Disney princesses(Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty).

Here's a musical scene (and yes, that REALLY is Amy Adam singing):

Is she really the one who sing in that movie?her voice is like an angel and true princess..

Yep. That's Amy's voice.

I heard of It from a friend, In the beginning I thought I came to the wrong one, cartoon & stuff,
but after 10-15 Min, It all became clear,
Wonderful movie,

Looks retarded in my opinion, so I didn't see it.

Amy Adams was good in this.

I like the song How Will I Know. Too bad, it didn't win the best song at the Oscars.

=Tired Hiker=
I'll rent it.

ooh, i loved this! it was soo roantic and silly. <3 <3 <3

Patrick Dempsey is gorgeous!

Originally posted by regina414
Patrick Dempsey is gorgeous!

Yes Patrick Dempsey is very gorgeous!

This movie was really entertaining before I didn't expect to be a good movie but it was really a good movie.

SPOILERS AHEAD: If you have not seen the movie, read no further.

What's everyone think about how the couples turned out? I'm perfectly satisfied with Giselle/Robert and Edward/Nancy, but I saw a lot of people actually wanted the original couples to stay the same. I was just wondering what everyone else thought. I think Giselle/Robert and Edward/Nancy are the more interesting, stronger pairings.

I liked this movie a lot.

Toku King
Just saw it last night, and I have to give the movie props. It was pretty damn good. While it was cheesy at points, I think it help to give the film its charm.
And the evil queen was just fantastic. One of the best scenes of the entire movie was when she first came to reality, and the sewer lid exploded and hit that big screen. You could just feel the epic presence of such a mighty being, and you knew the story was going to get rough once she came on screen.
My only problem was a her dragon form, which looked pretty lame. I was hoping for something more menacing like Maleficent's dragon form. And all of the crappy fairytale jokes she constantly said during the final battle? Yuck.
But besides that, the movie was certainly a breather from all of the terrible angst ridden movies they have now. And the musical numbers were nothing short of perfect.

I'd give it a 4.5/5, aka A-.

=Tired Hiker=
I watched this last Saturday, I thought it was cute.

I enjoyed the actors performances. The actress that played the princess is very pretty. I thought the Prince was funny

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