The King of Kong

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This was an extraordinary documentary.

It's Rocky for the thumbstick generation. Truly inspiring and gripping.

It follows a man who is trying to beat the highest score in Donkey Kong history, and the challenges he faces. It's amazing, highly recommended.

What channel is it on?

cruel jedi

=Tired Hiker=
I gotta check this out.

looks like a very hilarious movie...wanna check this out...

=Tired Hiker=
I watched 'The King Of Kong' the other night and loved every minute of it. I never thought I'd care and be so interested and entertained by this documentary.

Also, the special features are incredible, some of the best special features I've ever seen.

Great recommendation, Backfire! Thanks!

I've heard from my friends that I really need to watch this film. I might go buy it today, if my local store has it.

I'll check this out

=Tired Hiker=
Another cool thing is that you can still see who is currently the Donkey Kong champion by visiting twin galaxies website. But don't do this befire seeing the movie, it could spoil things.

I just got through watching this a few hours ago on Pay-Per-View.

This film was a fantastic watch, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves video games.

I'll probably go and buy the DVD now.

IMO, Billy Mitchell seemed like an arrogant ass.

I'll most likely watch this in the near future, seems neat.

It's worth a single watch. It wasn't terribly funny, but it kept my interest throughout.

Toward the middle I was questioning on whether or not it was a real documentary. Some scenes looked scripted and edited too well.

I was really pulling for steve, by the end. I was hoping that billy would show some balls and face off with steve lol. Great documentary....,someone really put some care into telling the story of these people. I appreciated that the documentary wasn't subjective. I was expecting a documentary full of ridicule and sarcasm.

I would, suggest the documentary...,second skin to any fan of this movie. Its a docu about wow and mmorpg players. It is very good.

Mr Parker
Originally posted by cruel jedi
laughing laughing

The best part is when his daughter said "Wow, some people really ruin their lives over this, huh?". Haha, great movie. I hear there's an actual film in talks.

This movie was WAY, WAAAAY better than I was expecting! I rented it from Netflix, and ended up watching it again with friends. It's actually worth purchasing - I think I'll try and find it next time I'm at Best Buy.

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