Solid Snake VS The Boss

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the objective is the same as the one given to Naked Snake: eliminate The Boss. the fight takes place in the same flower area as in MGS3. can he do it?

part1: h2h fight
part2: gunbattle, Solid gets the patriot as well
part3: all out battle where only one can survive

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Round 1: The Boss

Round 2: The Boss

Round 3: The Boss (Possibly Solid Snake if he used Stealth)

1: Tie or Snake. Jack and the Boss may have developed CQC, but Solid Snake was still said to have been taught in the arts by Big Boss himself, and is shown even past his prime in MGS4 to be every bit as skilled with it as either one agianst the PMCs and even Liquid's FROGS unit, and at his peak, his physical prowess and senses borderlined genetic super soldier.

2: Is the Patriot the only gun they both get? I want to know that before I actually form an opinion on this scenario.

3: Snake. His resources are far more advanced technologically, and his Octocamo muscle suit gives him a huge advantage in the stealth department.

Round 1: The Boss! Whenever Naked Snake and The Boss had a fight for any length of time The Boss would outskill Snake easily, it would be the same With Solid Snake.
Round 2: Snake because he has already shown skill in gunfighting, by killing some very formidable gunfighters.
Round 3: Snake again because of his skills in stealth.

Snake doesn't know how to handle The Patriot.
Hell, The Boss learned how to deflect bullets with the thing.
She one hands the things, Snake has to hold it with both arms.

dude snake and the boss fight 4 times in the whole series (minus the last unseen fight). first time snake is caught off guard and is too shocked. 2nd time again she gets the drop on him. third time she gets the drop on him. 4th time she gets the drop on him.
EVERYTIME she came at a time when he wasn't expecting her. and if you notice, progressively snake was putting up a better fight against her. also Snake was clearly conflicted...something Major Zero kept telling him.
the boss beat snake all times that he had his head up his own ass and she surprised him. the one time they fought with snake in a clear state of mind AND without the elment of surprise, Snake won.


Fight One: The Boss
Fight Two: The Boss (If it was a larger arena I'd say Snake could win, if he could use something other than the patriot that is)
Fight tres: Solid Snake, The Boss had a difficult time finding Naked in his more primitive stealth method, Solid has Octocamo so he sneaks up and caps The Boss

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I think Snake can still sneak up on her without the Octocamo.

I mean I'm not trying to take anything away from The Boss, but people seem to think Snake can only sneak up on peeps with the octocamo. Which I believe is taking credit away from him since he has been an expert at stealth for a very long time.

The Real Wolvie
SS beat Big Boss in CQC in the first metal gear. Plus, he beat Ocelot at the end of metal gear 4 who held his own against big boss back in metal gear 3. So SS has the advantage of learning more advanced moves and would beat the boss.

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