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Ayáme Tetskomi
Ultimate Universe

A long time ago each and every game existed in their own time, on their own planet, in their own universe. Lately their has been a mysterious dissappearance in every game. The dissappearance consisted of either the major hero in the game or of someone of high importance. All other heroes and major character have been left clueless as to what could be going on. Some even fear for their lives. A few days later they find worm holes, in certain areas, leading to a differnt game, the worm hole could lead to any game it wanted. It lead to a mysterious world no game had ever been to. Not all major characters or heroes have found this hole so it is the duty of the other game heroes to contact them and stop this madness before it's too late.


Sephiroth,Ayame,Monice,Aya,Luke Skywalker, Green lantern, Rek, viewtiful joe, etc.

Ayáme Tetskomi
In the world of Dark Chronicle (or Dark Cloud 2).....

Monica sat quietly in the castle she lived in. it had been a few months since she and Max had defeated Sirus or Griffon. She was bored until a fw hours ago when she had found a portal that led to a completely differnt world, one that all villians, dead or alive were all gathered. she had no idea what to do but she went into the portal anyways. he had to save max...

in the connected world...

Sephiroth grinned evilly as he stared at the faces of all the other villians. he knew this time his plans would work. they already had most of the heroes and the other important charcters in their grasp. it was going according to plan...

in the connected world, in a abandoned cave...

Ayame sat there, she knew exactly what was going on and knew what sephiroth was up to, sh didnt know what to do exctly, hopefully the heroes who found the portals would accept er invitation... she couldnt do this alone....

Zexion stared at Sephiroth " i hope this works unlike the last time we tryed to take over" Zexion crossed his arms. Its been a very long time since Riku killed Zexion. He remembered clearly what happend. Zexion never forgot how Axel betrayed him and even now he still has hatred. After so long he has been trapped in the world of the undead and now it was time , he could finally control the dead without interference.

Rek landed in a roll the kicked up the dust on the ground as he fell through the portal from the Hazmat world. He came up gun raised. "Where did they take you, Jacob?" He stepped forward his HUD sensors highlighting the picturesque landscape. "What the-"

Green Lantern "Ayame.... We must make haste if i am to recreate the entire green lantern corps. "

Jericho Zerř
Aya Brea opened the doors of Carnegie Hall, her "date" at her side already making a fool of himself. Although, honestly, she hadn't been too enthusiastic about the occasion to begin with. Not only was the guy an annoying prick, as well as some relation to one of her friends, but she also could not stand operas. She wasn't even sure why she had picked to come here, especially on Christmas Eve.

Maybe tomorrow morning I can catch a flight out Detroit and head up to Canada for the week...

The front doors opened and she heard the beginning lines from one of the performers, a wave of relief inwardly sweeping over her as she realized they were already late, meaning the show would be over sooner than expected. She walked forward, opening the next set of doors into the main hall and sat a few rows from the front, trying to focus on the story, though she spoke very little Italian. Somehow, she gathered that a prince had fallen in love with a woman proclaimed to be a witch, and now he didn't want her to be burned...

Aya watched as the performer playing the accused witch stepped forward for her solo.

It should be the midpoint... Good, we missed the first half...

A gleam showed in the performer's eye, and Aya felt for some reason as though the show had her every thread of attention. As the actress began to sing, the room grew warm, almost insufferable.

Maybe I'm imagining it? No one else seems bothered by it...

No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than a group of elderly people in the front three rows burst into flame, as did the room itself. Watching in horror as others in the room either spontaneously combusted or ran in a futile effort to escape the flames, getting caught under flaming debris. Her eye caught the filth she'd come in with frozen in fear as a flaming rafter fell just above him. Leaping toward him, she tackled him to the ground and stood, drawing her Beretta from a purse she had hidden it in and running to the stage.

"Freeze, NYPD!"

The actress turned, eyeing Aya with a smirk. "Hmph...You're the only one who seems to be fine..."

Aya felt confusion sweep over her as the actress spoke so calmly, not even slightly bothered as to what she had seen.


The actress turned her back to Aya, the smirk growing a bit.

"You should be awakening soon..."

"Wha... what are you talking about?" She kept her gun aimed, level with her target's head.

"Listen... Your cells are trying to communicate...
They're...calling out..." The actress emitted an evil laugh, her eyes beginning to glow a bit.

"What's happening...? My body...It's... It's getting hot!!"

"... Just as I thought..."

Aya doubled over as the sensation burned throughout her body, dropping to her knees in pain.

"What... is this? What did you DO TO ME?!"

Her eyes burned with anger as she struggled to remain on her guard.

"Our bodies are communicating with each other..."

"...WHAT? Communicating what? What do you want?!" Her eyes began to tear slightly as the pain grew overwhelming. Her gun still clutched in her hand, she felt the weight lowering her arm to the ground.

The actress turned back to her, the smirk growing ever-wider with each second as her eyes began to reflect her nature. "The more you use that power, the more you will become

Aya grew pissed, her temper flaring slightly as she firmly fought to grasp consciousness. "Power...? What power?! Who ARE you...?!"

Her face immediately shrank into a look of annoyance. "Eve."


She crossed her arms, back to Aya again, and began to walk away. "I'm surprised you don't know me, Aya. You should know me well..."

Aya felt everything spinning, and began to see it all fade to white. She hit the floor, one sweeping question fleeing through her mind. "What?"

18 Years Ago...

The bed was cold, hard... metal. Was this what they called a hospital? So uncomfortable. But Daddy had said the doctors would fix what was wrong with her. They were going to make all the hurt go away. She trusted Daddy, especially since he was all that she had left, now that Mommy and Maya had died... She watched her vision blur as the bright lights came on, and the doctor walked over to her, putting a mask on her face.

"Now, count slowly backwards from 100."

She nodded, her eyes growing heavy. "100... 99..." Unconsciousness swept over her.

Aya awoke to find the stage empty and Eve gone. Dragging herself to her feet, she shook off the uneasiness and walked around the curtains to the backstage area, a large hole eaten through the floor by what appeared to be some form of controlled flame. She shook her head as she heard the E-911 responses outside.

Backup... And probably an ambulance. Too bad I'm the only one who survived...

She turned her gaze to the hole, its depths not reaching very far, but rather down into the dressing room area.

"I know she's down there..."

She took a deep breath, wondering how she had come to be so 'lucky' as to have such a day as this, and leapt into the hole, though the landing would not hit for several moments...

Mando' Ade
the safety clicked off. 4 bullets went flyng. 4 of the six amalgatar got 50 calliber sniper rifle bullets in their skulls. "run!" he pulled out his assault rifle and fired on leapers." carlos pass me a frag!"david caught the frag. 10 leapers piled on top of him,"go, now!"soon more leapers were piled on him.at least 20. a frag explode killing him, all of the leapers, and another amalgator.

or so they thought, as the grenade detonated, david was transported along witth 5 of the leapers that had bit him. he fell into a grass field and wrestled them off.

Mando' Ade
the ch-46 spun out of control in midair. carlos watched as every small aircraft nearby was obliterated. "rek!" he strapped himself into a seat as marines began falling out. "ooooooooooooooooooh shitt!" *loud crashing noises.*

carlos woke from unconciousness the next day. he stepped out of the burnt wreckage, spotting the crashed nomad nearby. he fell down to his knees. suddenly, and without warning, he was teleported into the same grass field as david. as he appeared there he spotted the small group still fighting. he coldnt believe what he was seeing. david, alive, how was it possible. then he realised all he had was his pistol. he pulled it up and shot the leapers, one at a time in the head.

Nightmare raised his sword and sliced a theif across the chest " now your soul is mine !!!" He heard a loud noise and turned around. " what is this !!!????" A hole apeared. Nightmare walked up to it. He stuck his sword in it and it pulled him right in. Moments later he was thrown into a field. A battle was taking place " where in the hell !?" He saw guns, grenades and creatures. " what in the hell !? oooo this is bull sh!#" He started walking threw the feild. A leaper ran towards him. " OUT OF MY WAY" HE swung his sword and sliced the leapers arm off and kicked him to the ground and stabbed the sword in its skull " nasty rotten thing !" Nightmare looked around to see more " >=O damn this place "

what RP is that from?))

*Forget my entrance... heres my new one.*

The Norad came crashing down on Rek, but as he looked up he began falling through the ground. In a blinding flash he landed in a grass filled field, rolling, he came up looking out aross an expansive landscape. Snow capped mountains glistened far in the daitance and a forests covered much of the land. A grenade exploded near him and he suddenly heard exposions and gunfire. He quickly hit the dirt and brought out his assault rifle. "Dammit, what the hell is this?!" He was looking at a hoard of creatures that looked strangely like Leapers and a single marine fending them off. As he further serveyed from his prone position he spotted a battered Hazmat carrying a pistol. "Carlos?" He asked into his com as a few bullets impacted near him. Rek checked his rifle. Two clips. Damn! He let loose a flurry of bullets to cover the Hazmat.

Mando' Ade
carlos smacked down a third leaper down and shot it, emptying his pistol. he reached out and grabbed david, pulling him up. "sarge, is that you?"

david looked up at whoever had saved him. c-carlos. where are we... what happeneed?"

carlos turned at the 2 others who had appeared. while 1 dissected a leaper the other shot at another. "rek?!" carlos turned and examined the other. "who the heck is he?!"

Nightmare raised his sword " DIE!!!!" He sliced one right in half. He noticed more people. He looked at Carlos " !!!! " Nightmare ran towards him " you will die to !!!"

Rek stood and ran forward, firing radndom bursts of bullets at Leapers. "Carlos! What the hell happened to the Norad?! Where are we?!" He slid to his knees infront of Jacob, bringing his assault rifle up, he blocked the sword swing from Nightmare. The metal sparked but held against the sword. "What the f*ck is going on?! Urgh, who the hell 'is' this guy?!" Rek shouted over the clanging metal.

" IM YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE !!!" HE raised his sword to swing agian. Out of the side of him was a leaper. Using his perefial vision he quickly shifted and stabbed it. While the leaper was on the blade he swung it and it flung a good 40 feet away "Ahahahah ! =3"

Well this was a FAIL thread. Most do when the person who made the idea isnt around =(

Ayáme Tetskomi
its not dead just yet wink ))

Ayame felt trouble and she congured up a portal. she walked through and landed on a battle feild. "This is no time for fighting!!! listen to me, your world and many others are in terrible danger you have to save them!" ayame yelled. she turned her visio and ocked eyes with the one she knew as Rek.

Jericho Zerř
<<Nice to see you back, Ayame-Chan.>>

Aya landed on the ground, hard. Her eyes winced as she stood slowly, the sounds of battle all around her. The Hell happened here? Her mind felt as though it would come to burst, and she walked over to where a large group seemed gathered, wondering what the newcomer had meant by saying many worlds might be in danger...

Eve quietly shifted around to a spot behind a medium-height salagmite and hid, watching as the story unfolded. Her body began to slowly burn from the inside as her mitochondria took over, and she doubled over in pain, her bones and such stretching and contorting until she reached her first stage of transformation, knowing it would be only the first of several...

Mando' Ade
um yeah, jr and matroshka, there were only 5 leapers there, your making it sound like there were 40. wake up. carlos shot 3 of them, and david killed the other 2, but we'll just pretend. because we all like to pretend dots ...))

david pulled up his assualt rifle, his aim shifting between the newcomers, but eventually landing on nightmare. "rek, is that you?!" david suddenly fell to the ground, clutching at the many bites he had sustained from the infected.


Mando' Ade
nice siggy jr))

carlos crouched next to his friend. "rek, we need an antidote, stat." he pulled the assault rifle from davids hand and aimed at nightmare, letting off a few warning shots to the legs.

Ayáme Tetskomi
Ayame stared at the scene before her before she jumped upwards, " alright i asked you guys nicely...." she landed on the palm of her hand, with a ground shaking thud, as light bust out and swallowed everyone on the feild, the light hopefully sending nightmare back to his own deminsion. Ayame found Rek, "You've got to come with me now!"

Jericho Zerř
Aya looked around at the lot of them, her eyes only slightly focused, still. Her head hurt, and she was a bit disoriented from the fall, but she tried to pay close attention to everything going on. She nodded to Ayame, her gun still drawn, but not really even held at aim. "You there... What were you saying about 'worlds being in danger'?" She had been curious since hearing it, and now seemed a good time to ask.

Ayáme Tetskomi
Ayame looked over at the girl named Aya. She half smiled, "we got to get away from here before i can completely explain. She looked back at Rek, "Please come with me?" she asked kindly.

Jericho Zerř
Aya got an uneasy feeling, but nodded, holstering her handgun at her ankle and crossing her arms. "Alright, then let's get moving..."

Mando' Ade
carlos crouched next to david. "rek, really need that antidote." he dug in his bag, searching to see if he still had any left.

Rek looked at Carlos. "I dont have one." He raised his rifle and prepared to shoot David. "I will come with you... miss?"

Mando' Ade
carlos pulled a needle out of his bag." sokay, found one." he pushed the needle into a port in davids ancient suit. "your gonna be okay."


Ayáme Tetskomi
the wind blew ayame's hair, "I cant explain here all I can tell you is that Im someone whose needing alot of help, I can tell you where you can find your friend but there is no easy way to get to him nor the other heroes.." Ayame said. Suddenly A girl appearred before them, she drew her sword, 'where am I? who arer you? Where is max?" she asked. "good just in time Monica...." a portal appeared before Ayame, ".. come on there is something yout three, monica, aya, and rek, need to see. Anyone else is glad to come along to help.." ayame said.

Az didn't know exactly where he was. He had been battling the final leader of the Axis of Evil, the Devil, when a portal opened up in the Prince of Darkness's chest and exploded him. Not one to ask questions with portals, Az stepped into it and found himself in a room full of mooks, aka Leaper Zombies.

Az put away the Hive Cannon and pulled out his trusty Chainbat to begin wacking away at these beasties without question or concern.

Rek looked around. "Sure, like I have anything better to do, Carlos, bring David."

Mando' Ade
uhh, i already explained that there were no more leapers. and we arent in a room, were in a field. a grassy, flowery, blood spattered, bullet riddled, field.))

carlos picked up david, walking to the others. "hey, whos that?" he spotted az over in the field.

((Assume it was earlier then))

Az was dissappointed now. He had run out of things to kill. He saw other people but they weren't hostile and thus not things to kill. Az liked to kill but he also liked to feel justified when he did so so killing random guys who were just standing around was not so justified, neh?

Ayáme Tetskomi
Ayame walked through the portal followed by Monica, Aya, Rek, and Carlos who carried a guy named David. She saw Az too and left the portal open for him to follow if he wished. When they were in this new world Ayame stopped them. "I'll take you to your friends but first you've got to see who your up against..." Ayame walked just a few yards away.

Jericho Zerř
Aya took a quick look around, trying to keep the sheer amazement at what was going on contained. She was doing rather well, she thought, but was itching for some answers. It's just the cop in you, Brea. You know the wait will be worth it all. And maybe... someone here can explain to me how to find and take down Eve...

Oooooo, another random portal! Az though as he stepped through it.

Mando' Ade
can we assume that at the end of this rp, our minds will be wiped before we're sent back so that the time space continuom is kept in order or something? its crucial that that is what happened.


Ayáme Tetskomi
yeah your minds will be whiped xD))

Ayame looked at Rek over her shoulder, "To see the villians who took your friends of course... like i said they wont be easy to kill..." Ayame sighed. "Theyve got Max so we have to defeat them or there wont be any peace..." Monica said. "the balances between all of our own worlds has already been corrupted. the only way to fix this is to defeat them or to die." Ayame said. She lead them to a cove where they could see Sephiroth and many other villians dissucussing things. "Now dont do anything stupid, theyre much stronger than they seem..." Ayame said.

Sephiroth made eye contact with Eve, 'So your saying this plan will fail? then why are you here?" he asked her. She only grinned and looked away. Sephiroth looked at the chuckling Dark Genie who sat by Griffion. "You two have what you want and what is so god damn funny huh?" sephiroth asked his anger boiling. "Shes very queit..." the dark genie began. "We want to control all the worlds as much as you do... so were not going to leave now..." Griffion looked over at the prisioners they had, "besides, you sure are evil..." he finished. Sephiroth grinned, "yes... of course i am..."

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