Vin Diesel WheelMan WOW

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Ok first off I'm not a huge Vin Diesel fan, but for some reason I guess I love his games lol. Midway has released a Demo for they're new game WheelMan where you play Vin Diesel. You are as the title says the wheelman. From what I can tell from the demo you are going to be playing a lot of getaway and chase scenes. Also Races and other content I'm sure. But In the demo you have 3 missions to play through.
1. A chase and getaway scene where you drive a woman whom has robbed a bank back to her safe house.
2. A great arcade game where you hijack cars in a allotted time time limit.
3. A Good race.

You get quite a bit for a free demo.

The controls in my opinion are smooth and top-notch (Then again i don't usually go for driving titles so what do I know : / )
You get melee attacks in your car that are preformed with a hit stick, not unlike madden in some ways. Left,Right,and up. It's a free roam type driving area so plenty of shortcuts and you choose your own path ( Even the charted races, which I find very cool ) You have your NO2 boosters naturally when you preform cool feats or even when your just driving very fast. You get to use your weapon in the vehicle and there are several special moves you can do with it even while driving. The hijack system is just plain cool. If your a certain distance from a car you can leap up while driving and jump to their roof sliding into the passenger seat and pushing them out ( Completely unrealistic at times but come on....its a game! )

So I hope some people download this demo because it is very entertaining. The game comes out the 27th and I will surely be pick my copy up launch night!

PS:Vin Diesel needs to make More games than movies in my opinion. I loved the Riddick game and hated the movie lol.

Nemesis X
I can already predict that Assault on Dark Athena will be a much better Vin Diesel game.

all im gonna say.

Vin-Vaulting is awesome.

i got bored so i downloaded the demo.
it does have a good bit of content, for a demo.

I remember playing the demo of this and it was fun good action bits.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.