Red Faction - Guerrila

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FistOfThe North
I'm one inch away from getting this game.

I loved it for the old xbox and I'm in love with the 360 demo.

the gameplay kinda reminds me of mass effect with the shooting and gears of war with the "taking cover" aspect. I also love the sledge hammer and how you can rip and break through practically anything in the game with it. and that's beside what you can do in the game as a a player.

I love the "walkers" and the all out total destruction they cause especially to the structures.

reviews have been mostly positive and I read that this and prototype are the hottest games games out on the market

I might just get this game.

Nemesis X
I rented this game several weeks ago. It's a lot of fun.

Only bad thing i've read and heard about this is its very thin on story.

jinXed by JaNx
yeah, you're on Mars busting shit up. That's really all you need to know.

lol.. I found it to be entertaining.. I just think that its a little shallow that if it werent for the destruction, it would only be a generic 3rd person shooter

FistOfThe North
yea, I went ahead and got the game.

can't wait to really get into it. looks like a ton of fun. the story's cool, graphics are gorgeous, i'm addicted to the gameplay.

I wonder about the upgrades and or any upcoming dlc.

I can't wait to play it on xbox live also.

I can easily see myself playing this for hours.

H. S. 6
Does anyone know how long the story lasts? Is it worth the buy, or is it more of a rental?

I kno the number 1 player in the world!!!!

I'm related to him so I win

Ryo 666
Originally posted by SpadeKing
I'm related to him so I win

Check and mate.

i know you too so i win

the games good until u beat it, then it just gets boring. But going back to blow stuff up is always gonna be entertaining

FistOfThe North
Yea, i'm lovin' red faction:g.

I played for about 6hrs. str8 yesterday.

And I got this game before i found out that it was July's "Game of the Month" on "Game Informer" and "Gamepro" magazine.

It's anarchy to the fullest.

9/10. I'd'a gave it a 10 had some of the mission been not repetitive.

Neo Darkhalen
When in doubt.

FistOfThe North
Originally posted by Neo Darkhalen

ok now that, was funny.

it looks like he does a bunch of other games too. i'd be cool if he did that about products, movies, and people.

Can you change the camera angle or anything? The angle is frustatring and I find it quite difficult to use. Only possoble thing stopping me buying it Monday.

FistOfThe North
yea, finally beat this game last night.

definetely a worthy game. to me i think there'll be a sequel with they way it ended.

loved the very last scene with him.


(may review more of it later. can't do it now cause it's almost time to go home)


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