Juri and Seth X Bison [SFIV]

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Frisky Dingo
Juri and Seth are at their max as they take on the SFIV Vega, the best Vega next to Shin.

Keep in mind the Vega, even though not Shin, does have some VERY GOOD showings. So I think this would be a good fight.

Both Juri and Seth are very powerful fighters, and we can see it in the movies (since the SF4 ones are canon, I think we can rely on them).

SSF4 movie basically is a showing of how powerful is Juri (and, since we see that the Dolls are still under the Shadaloo, I think that's a retcon of SFA 3 Lord Vega's battle with the dolls).

In "The ties that bind" Ryu had an hard time to defeat Seth.

But I think that Juri has a major weakness that Dictator can use: the girl is very powerful, but since she's so aggressive (she's quite psychotic) and she wields a power "greater than her effective abilities" (she's so powerful not just due to her training, but 'cause Juri has the Feng Shui engine), IMHO Juri has a relatively "weak" mind. So Dictator could use his Psycho Powers to make her a totally mindless berserk (I think she's too instable to be brainwashed into an obedient thrall).

So Juri is "cut out", being transformed into a berserk who can't distinguish ally from enemy, and the battle becomes Dictator vs Seth (with Juri that random attacks the two of them). On a 1 on 1 fight I think that Vega can win Seth, and then can defeat the insane Juri.

No End N Site
In all honesty, I think Juri can fight Bison pretty well on her own, addin Seth will just insure Bison's defeat. It would still be a good fight.

Interesting, I just recently watched the Juri movie and the girl is a freaking beast. Seth is also powerful and most likely he has one of the most durable bodies of the SF world seeing how he took a Shoryuken to the face without flickering. Bison however is the ''Big Bad'' of the SF world and thus should be regarded as stronger than either of these two even though he doesn't have the feats to say so.

So there you have it, against one of them Bison would most likely win, but against the two at the same time would be pushing it so I give it to the Team.

Zack Fair
Bison > Seth.

I think SF4 made that clear even when Bison was not the main boss.

Akuma would still mopping the floor with everyone though.

Darkstorm Zero
Except Gouken.

Two on one, Bison goes down.

Frisky Dingo
Keep in mind that the SFIV version of Vega isn't actually featless. He can teleport spam so incredibly well that, not only would you have to be in multiple places at once, you would also have to predict his movements in order to catch him up.

He can also tank canyon creating blasts and generate A bomb sized domes of energy with just a power up. He can also open up worm holes.

Yes, I think that SF4 version of Vega is stronger than his SF2 self. During SF4 Vega's intro, Shadaloo scientist say him that, with more time, they would have been able to create a body with the power that Vega had during SF Alpha 3, so I think that their technology improved.

If Vega plays his card well (and we know that he's not stupid) if he can exploit Juri's "weak mind" he can win.

I think that against warriors with a strong spiritual power (like Ryu, Gen or Gouki) or with a steady reolve in their believes (Chun Li, Guile, Cammy) Dictator can't "mind screw" them easilly, but with a psychopatic killer like Juri is easier.

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