Kid Icarus: Uprising

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Cuz I ain't seen a thread for it yet in over the year since it's been announced, I may as well bring this out here. Though I took it with little more than a grain of salt at E3 2010, E3 2011's trailer and extra news really began to help it pique my interests. The production value seems pretty good (including fully-voiced cinematics, and pretty grand scale battles), and I especially liked the look of the weapons variety and the beat-em-up/shooter mixture to the gameplay.

Enough talk. Here's vids:

E3 2010 trailer

E3 2011 trailer (highlighting the multiplayer)


The Scenario
I'm loving the look of this game, and the gameplay looks great as well. Can't wait to go flying around and stuffs.

The Scenario


The voices are so delightfully hammy.

General Kaliero
I'm liking the self-aware dialogue.

Yoss Noda

Any 3DS owners given this game a play through yet? Amazing game, definitely one of the 3DS's best yet with a very engaging control scheme, and a little random, but was I the only one who was kind of blown away by the equipment system and achievements screen? Like, really minor elements and all, but they have got to be by far the smartest and most interesting design elements of their kind I have ever seen.

Yeah, picked it up myself. It's really awesome. I don't know what the AR cards are for. Just for the AR battles they do? Wonder if they can be used for in-game stuff.

Yoss Noda
I haven't actually even checked those out yet but I'm pretty sure they're not used in the main game itself and just for the extra minigame thing.

Been having alot of fun with this game. The twists on it and fanwank is amazing. Pretty balanced MP and voice acting sounds great. I love the replay value it has, there's something for everyone in here. The Lightning Chariot midstage segment is freakin' awesome, feels like suped up Galaga.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.