how do different cultures communicate so easily

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What I never understood within SW is that when two random cultures meet each other (Anakin/Kenobi and Dathomir in TCW as an example), they instantly understand each other speaking the same language (which for us is English), even though they are from totally different cultures. How do they know the same language intrinsically? Does the Force provide translation?

Protocol droids, translators, symbolism, they don't want to make Clone Wars episodes to long and confusing for younger audiences...

One Big Mob
Don't they have auto translators for known languages?

That and most cultures in the galaxy can speak 'basic'(ie. English.)

my theory would fall under "Other" and my justification for it is given below:

I believe as a part of galactic basic education all peoples are taught in becoming fluent in every single known language, becoming part of a common tongue. So in this way, all people speak in their native tongue, but also understand other tongues easily and just communicate thanks to a mutual understanding. For the more humanoid races, all of these sophisticated dialects will sound like English, but I bet Dathomir has all kinds of words and phrases unique to their people which Anakin for example might understand but not use himself.

The problem becomes when those people who are not well adjusted and assimilated to the galactic community, such as sand people (see AotC), they are interpreted as just making loud noises. Although not impossible to understand them (as seen when A'Sharad Hett effortlessly becomes their leader), they are speaking more with a pygmy language than a fully fledged dialect. Same with Hutts, although thats why they get subtitles, because their pygmy is accepted by the galactic community and efforts have been made to understand it and use.

The question becomes of course, how do people become fluent in billions of languages. My answer to this is that because these people have lived for millions, billions of years in a highly technologically advanced society, their brains are simply extremely powerful compared to what we might expect in the normal world. Their IQ and memory storage so to speak is just in another tier altogether from normal human beings, and when you add in that they learn these languages as children - the easiest time to become fluent in a language and much easier than as an adult when your brain is developed and "locked" so to speak - it all begins to make sense.

If anyone has any comments or counter arguments to these points made I would be enthusiastic to address them.

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