Mr. Mxyzptlk vs. Ultra-Monitor

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You know the vibes. The Wielder of the Dimensional Superstructure take on the Emperor of Imagination. Who wins?


If we go by powerset, Then I will say Ultra-Monitor if he was in sixth dimension
If by feats, Should be Mxy, But this should be a good fight, Ultra-Monitor actually beating Perpetua when she was power enough to control hypertime(Though still weakened during this fight)



At their peaks we have three, fully multiversal beings merging into one being, which was further amped(to some unknown extent) by the power of Starman's fraction of the Totality -- at the very least Ultra-Monitor was packing low-Megaversal power. This powerup was enough to hold off Perpetua for a while. Thing is, we have absolutely NO clue what Perpetua was capable of... She has literally zero feats in that diminished state.

Personally, I don't see a reason to put Ultra-Monitor above Mxy at this point... /shrug

What about the comparisons Mxy makes between himself and the Brothers/Perpetua in Issue 19?

Originally posted by XSUPREMEXSKILLZ
What about the comparisons Mxy makes between himself and the Brothers/Perpetua in Issue 19? There's still no direct comparisons, though. It's not like Mxy himself has explicitly said: "Perpetua and her children are more powerful than me" or whathaveyou. Aside from that, none of them have feats that even remotely begin to approach Mxy's at this point. Perpetua *might* be the one who ends up being more powerful than Mxy(I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt), but she still has a long way to go, imo. /shrug

...And I still think it's quite telling that Brainiac...who had full working knowledge of Perpetua's function/purpose/power(along with that of her children) at the time...STILL appeared to be scared shitless of Mxy's power:
"I warned you, Luthor. His power is INCALCULABLE A Fifth-Dimensional Imp has NO LIMITS. Powerful as we are, the Legion of Doom can't quantify..."

*And Mxy was significantly weakened at the time, to boot.

Heck, the very fact that a full-power World Forger specifically recruited Mxy(weakened as he was at the time) to CAUSE the initial Crisis-event that would act as the catalyst for him to replace the mainstream multiverse with the 'new' multiverse he had created, is also quite telling. Imo.

But like I said: as of now I still don't see any legitimate reason to place the Brothers(even amalgamated) above Mxy. /shrug


Originally posted by xJLxKing
Feats? No they can't really compare

Granted, if the still force managed to hold off Mxy, it's likely that Perpetua is above Mxy. Not to mention, despite the fact that Mxy was weakened, he technically did lose to Luthor and the gank (off panel).

According to Snyder, the indication is Perpetua and the 3 brothers are above Mxy, especially if they are operating on highest Dimension Like you said: Mxy was weakened(and significantly so) during all of his appearances in that arc, so his 'lows' aren't really applicable here.

As mentioned, there are no direct comparisons between Mxy and them. Yes, Mxy said that the 6th dimension sits at the tip-top of creation, is akin to the multiverse's Control Room, and is only accessible to a few cosmic powerhouses... But a few pages later, Mxy also acted like creating a portal to the 6th dimension would be some tremendously difficult task that required most of his power -- yet he proceeded to casually whip the portal up in a single panel with a few *huffs* while weakened, then he went on to begin erasing creation(in a very literal and 'meta' sense), and then he started fighting Bat-Mite while simultaneously erasing creation. IOW, making the portal obviously wasn't *that* difficult, and didn't require *that* much of his remaining power.

Tbh, it seemed like Mxy was just playing his own angle the entire time, and everything he did was done with the sole intent of ultimately helping Superman discover new depths to his power:
Originally posted by Galan007
Am I reading into this too much, or did Mxy subtly prophesize Superman's rise when he was describing the different dimensions earlier in the arc?:
He describes them as: 1st dimension=a POINT, 2nd dimension=LINES, 3rd dimension=MATERIAL/DEPTH, 4th dimension=TIME, 5th dimension=IMAGINATION.

Cut to Mxy essentially saying that because he's not restrained by time, he knows how everything will play out and that he is really Superman's de facto guardian angel:

Cut to sundipped Superman's charge toward earth being felt across EVERY dimension:

Cut to the soul searching and inner discovery that helped make this feat possible for Superman:
"He has always thought of himself as a man of constants. A fixed POINT, almost ONE-DIMENSIONAL. But the truth is, he's more than that. His parents taught him ethics, and thus sent him on a path, a LINE aimed at the world. Lois taught him DEPTH. To see things from all angles, to better do what's right. Over TIME, he learned from others: Dianna, Bruce... Through Jon... Through Jon he is able to IMAGINE. Imagine a better Superman, a better world. That's the truth of this place. He sees it now..."

Put it all together and you get this:


...Which makes sense, because Mxy isn't bound by time at all -- the past, present, and future are an open book to him. That said, he always knew what the outcome of this event would be, so it makes sense that everything he did was done intentionally. /shrug

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