The most important hero of the MCU..?

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So I was discussing this with a buddy the other day, and it quickly turned into a "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" sort of thing...

We were trying to figure out which HERO of the MCU was the most valuable and important to their ultimate success in Endgame. My initial thought was Tony Stark: he invented time travel, which made it possible for them to go back in time, collect the stones, undo Thanos' snap, and then destroy Thanos and his army.

But then I/we started thinking...
-Tony thought time travel was an impossible pipe dream until Scott Lang proposed "Operation Time Heist" to him. Scott's idea was the only reason why Tony started trying to figure out time travel in the first place. So without Scott it likely would have never happened.

-However, time traveling through the Quantum Realm was only possible because of Pym Particles. So without Hank Pym, Scott would have never used Pym Particles, would have never been stuck in the Quantum Realm, and would have never given the idea for time travel to Tony. etc. etc.

...And we found that you can 'backtrack' most of the heroes like that.

So is there one hero that all of the dots can be connected back to? mmm

Pym also helped found SHIELD. The same SHIELD that dug Cap out of the ice.

^ And Pym may have never known that surviving in the Quantum Realm was possible if it hadn't been for Scott.

...And Pym may have never 'recruited' Scott in the first place if it hadn't been for him wanting to keep Hope out of danger.

...And Pym may have never been so protective of Hope if it hadn't been for his wife getting lost in the Quantum Realm.

...And Janet may have never been lost in the Quantum Realm if it hadn't been for Pym/Pym Particles, which starts a funky time loop.

You can get stupidly in depth with this shit, lol.

One thing for certain... everybody contributed more than Carl Manvers thumb up


Hank Pym is the reason for the success of the Avengers.

No Pym Particles means no victory.

I do think most of the dots can be traced back to either Hank or Scott, because they are what made the whole time travel plot possible(Hank for his Pym Particles, and Scott for his knowledge/theories about the Quantum Realm.)


If he hadn't been there to keep the gauntlet moving right after Thanos' ship laid waste to Avengers HQ, the Outriders would have secured the gauntlet, given it to Thanos, and he would have remade the universe uncontested.

But I guess he might not have even agreed to rejoin the Avengers if it hadn't been for Widow.

Damn this is hard laughing out loud

^ And of course, they wouldn't have even had the gauntlet in the first place if it weren't for Hank and Scott.


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