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!!!!!!!!!!!! Damborg vs Bentley [Spring Tourney Semi-final] !!!!!!!!!!!!
Started by: Philosophía

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"The devil made me do it"

Gender: Male
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!!!!!!!!!!!! Damborg vs Bentley [Spring Tourney Semi-final] !!!!!!!!!!!!

Damborg [Osiris/Atlas [Thunderbolts, Marvel]/Medusa]

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)


Bentley [Superboy[Conner Kent]/Mirror Master]

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)

- no bfr
- no prep
- 0.5 km starting distance
- battlefield = normal Earth that regenerates [i.e. can't be permanently destroyed], can't leave the battlefield without getting back in max 30 sec.
- Mirror Dimension is not considered as BFR. It's a valid dimension to be in without losing the match by self-BFR and it's also not considered as BFR-ing the opponent.
- location: New York

(please log in to view the image)



“Perhaps this is the ultimate freedom. The freedom to leave.”

Old Post Apr 14th, 2021 05:49 PM
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"The devil made me do it"

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Damborg's opening post:


Okay Bentley, I'm gonna come clean.

You have quite the team.


(please log in to view the image)

It's game time baby.

I'm going to start this off by nuking the field

Right at the start of the fight, Osiris calls out "Black Adam!" and I will light up the entire field with a lightning storm capable of one shot killing Black Lantern Sobek.

(please log in to view the image)

Osiris was not enhanced physically by the rings just reanimated as confirmed in the comic and the bio:



This is bad news for Superboy who has a weakness to magic just like big brother Kal-El.

DC bio:

and in practice:

However, having the Black Lantern ring does of course vastly increase the ability regenerate, lobo style on part of the host.

Osiris destroyed the target in one of these storms.

I'm going to spam this attack for the entirety of the match

Osiris can already react to lightning as I showed:

so he won't transforming back and forth, just nuking the field with lightning.

What does this mean? It means no reflective surfaces

I have essentially eliminated mirror masters usability as a character because once he teleports into the mirror dimension, he will no longer have an adequate means of returning to the battle field. Which will result in either a self BFR.

That will leave Superboy who if he manages to desperately react to the spam of Black Adam lightning, may find a considerable problem coming his way:

(please log in to view the image)

Because you see, having been granted the power of black Adam, Osiris can use the wisdom of Zehut.

And through that wisdom and Osiris' connection to Black Adam, he will utter a simple spell should anyone come within range of him for a physical fight:

"Aton Majhaar" And anyone near me who I target gets turned to stone.

That includes the magically weak Superboy, and any clones or reflective surface that comes near me.

As for the rest of my team? They will be playing defense.

Medusa and Atlas will be guarding Osiris so that if anything out of the ordinary, be they reflective surfaces popping up, or Kryptonians trying to navigate towards us come flying, they will be broken or intercepted:

Medusa with the speed to outreact Extremis iron man:

(please log in to view the image)

and the strength to momentarily entagle Thanos:

will be smashing anything that gets too close.

And Atlas will be ready to give the business:

(please log in to view the image)



“Perhaps this is the ultimate freedom. The freedom to leave.”

Old Post Apr 14th, 2021 05:53 PM
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"The devil made me do it"

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Bentley's opening post:


The Mirror Boys are back

If you read my past fight you know that my team has mobility and versatility in spades, once again I'm facing off against a team mostly consisting of bricks and because of that, I'm able to dictate the pace of the match to my advantage. Let's just remind you of my general capabilities in this regard:

Circles the world several times in a few minutes:

Mirror Master is a casual teleporter:

Additionally Superboy is a solid brick himself, able to stand physical punishment well beyond the regular outputs my opponents can bring:

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)

Given my speed edge and energy projection I could likely physically engage my opponents and give them hell, but that would be giving out the mobility and flexibility of my mirror abilities.

So as soon as the bell rings I'm surrounding Mirror Master and his equipement with my tactile telekinesis:

And then I'm carrying him away underground at full speed. If my opponent knows what he's doing he tried to use Osiris's magical lightning against us as soon as the match starts, after all, it's a magical attack with good range, but unfortunately for him I won't be there by the time he unleashes it.

As soon as we get to safety we'll pull out a Mirror Teleport and move to Paris for the next part of my plan. He's not getting a drop on us since I have Super Hearing:

(please log in to view the image)

[ NOTE from Phil: the scan above broke the page, so I re-uploaded it to imgbb as a thumbnail. It's not quite as splashy, but still works!]

And X-Ray vision:

(please log in to view the image)

While he... Well, he just doesn't. As soon as I drop out of his line of view he'll never find me again, specially not when I start bombarding him with clones and illusions.

Quickly I'll hand my Mirror Gun to Superboy who in turn will cover it with tactile telekinesis. Scudder will use reflective surfaces in New York to start my distraction tactics while explaining Superboy how to use three specific functions of the gun. I'll teach him how to transmute people:

(please log in to view the image)

How to open and close portals:

(please log in to view the image)

And the weirdest win condition I've brought so far: the sphere of light that encases the opponent's head blinding him and cutting them off from oxygen:

(please log in to view the image)

Scudder will carry out the part of my plan that I used last time: building illusions using light from satellites:

I'll add mirror constructs in the form of Conner and Mirror Master to make this all more believable:

There are a bunch of windows in New York city so making a small army will take no time:

And these constructs are a threat, once they are shattered they became an entity capable of mirroring Flash's speed:

They will be using Superboy's powers too, since mimicking powersets has been shown to be within the capabilities of my clones:

They'll be not as skillful as the real deal but their Superspeed will give the enemy fits, these will be enough to separate and dismantle any collective offense the slower team of my opponent's could hope to muster.

In the confusion that insues I'll add Superboy to the mix and use the Mirror gun to deal with Osiris by sniping him from a distance with my blinding/souffocating attack. I have other sure fire kills available if for whatever reason this is not enough, but the very fact that he won't be able to see anything will make him a sitting duck for my offenses.

I'll encase Mirror Master in this kind of pyramid and it'll reflect the attacks of my opponents outwardly:

If they try to hit it then their punches and blasts are just getting reflected at them (think of having their arm aiming at their faces just like MM's is coming out of the mirror here):

My opponent needs more than a magic trick to win this

Let's be honest, Osiris is the sole factor that is keeping Mirror Master for winning this by himself (and even there I'm pretty sure I could pull it off), not only because he has mobility and physical status but also because his magic ligthning should be a bad match up for Superboy. Here is the thing: his showings suck

Remember that showing where he got koed by gas?

You could say "Deathstroke has the number of several speedsters, he pulls off bs regularly" but the thing is... That's not even Deathstroke, that's just a shapeshifter that got tagged by the real DS and Tattooed Man at will. Also that's not even the only time he got manhandled by substances (note that dubious piercing durability):

Choking and poisoning Osiris won't be difficult at all and he lacks of all the cool super senses that would prevent me to sneak on him at super speed through illusions.

We know Osiris has some degree of super speed, but he never showed anything worth of note. Conner has just finer showings against actual speedsters, so we know he can handle that:

You know Osiris's speed feats are inexistant because Damborg tried to pass this showing as some kind of proof of outracing lightning:

You can see them raising to the sky and dropping from it after getting koed while the sky looks the same (it's one continuous image from alll three panels), they did get hit by ligthning but if you read the panels you will realize Isis is trying to kill herself and his brother flew to protect her from the storm and was unable to outrace ligthning resulting in both getting koed. We don't know how fast Isis weather control works but we know Osiris wasn't able to go faster than the time of commanding and the thunder itself. It's like a bad aim dodging feat.

With those illusions dispelled, let my illusions rein supreme. Mirror clones will separate the team, likely taking out Atlas and Medusa, Osiris will get misdirected and sniped and after he's soundly defeated we will transmutate the other two, shatter them or overpower them with stength and numbers.


“Perhaps this is the ultimate freedom. The freedom to leave.”

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Old Post Apr 14th, 2021 06:04 PM
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King of the Damboys

Gender: Male

Okay everyone, sorry for a brief response but I'll try to recap a little better in the final post. Anywho, let's get to it.

Bentley Just BFR'd Himself, Exactly as I Hoped

What I was really hoping would happen in this match was that Bentley would go into the mirror dimension from the get go, that way when he expected me to try and snipe him with lightning.

I would in return, nuke the field constantly, destroying all reflective surfaces. That might still leave Superboy in the fight, but mirror master, the more dangerous opponent, is now gone.

What actually happened was so much better

Instead of slipping in the mirror dimension, Bentley runs from the opening move. Literally just takes off to Paris thinking that he can keep me busy while he teaches Superboy how to use Mirror Masters weapons.

With no way to actually keep my team busy, Bentley has left the field of battle and will spend EASILY 30 seconds away from the field teaching Superboy , and returning back to the battle now that there are no reflective surfaces after a barrage of lightning storms by Osiris.

There is no surface that can stand up to an attack that I'm spamming which can atomize a black lantern:

And I'll be spamming that attack, while avoiding the magic hitting me as to avoid being transformed if not necessary.

It's not pretty but it's the truth

In the same case as a ring out, it may not feel all that good to announce but that is indeed the match, a self BFR on Bently's part.

He left the field, and I neutralized his fail safe, it could not be a more clear cut case of self BFR.

Now for some corrections

Osiris didn't get KO'd by gas, and even if he did you don't have Gas lol.

As we can see here Osiris was alright, and he was actually gassed by a demon, not slade.


Osiris may have been hit by a bolt of lightning, but he moved Isis out of the way of the first bolt which had already fired.

That showed Osiris was able to see, fly to Isis and evade the first bolt all before the second came down (By Anubis himself no less).

GG Bent.


-Abhi Killer-

Old Post Apr 16th, 2021 08:08 AM
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Gender: Unspecified
Location: France

Second Post

Quick recap of what's going on

I choose to flee from the get to go and Damborg refuses to follow me. Instead of a direct approach he decided to summon a storm to affect the area and keep Mirror Master from reflective surfaces and affecting directly the battlefield. That's a good find but luckily after flying away I'll be able to regroup and affect the battlefield indirectly (more on that later).

Now, the most crucial part of the battle seems to stem from the fact Damborg misunterstood the rules twice.

First of all the battlefield is the entire planet: going to Paris does not constitute a self-bfr, going to the moon would constitute one. We start combat in New York but leaving New York is allowed by the rules. Given that his plan counts on Mirror Master being left stranded as a win condition then he has no real plan.

Second of all he's not using Black Adam:

Aside from the powersharing that version of Black Adam doesn't even seem to have an Osiris counter-part so I'm not sure how Osiris would access a power from a version of himself that doesn't exist.

Please also note that he's not using Black Lantern Osiris either.

The imperfect storm

The storm clearly has short range as we see people standing around and a kid walking to the charred husk of Osiris while the surroundings are still fuming:

As Damborg mentioned the BL ring allows people to keep their powers and just provides extra stamina and regeneration. Nevertheless, using such a storm left Osiris as a charred husk. So what we get is that on top of his regular invulnerability Osiris overcame his own regeneration by over-extending with this ability. Osiris regularly uses thunder powers to no ill effect so this is more than just him transforming back to his handicapped body and dying. He absolutely empties his reserves while making this storm while having enhanced BL regeneration.

What I'm saying is that Osiris will tire out by sustaining this storm, it made his body run out of juice when he was enhanced so to say he can stay there indefinitively is a stretch. It'll tax him, he'll sloppier and be easier to kill (if he doesn't kill himself, at some point he'll fail to avoid the bolts lol)

En cas de tempête ce jardin sera fermé

But the storm will block my ability to freely use mirrors and the satellite tech I intended to apply. Instead of doing that in New York itself I'll make a few mirror clones in Hathford, I'll amass others while those few go to New York, get into houses turning the lights on and allowing interior mirrors to be reflective. Then I carry business as usual.

A secondary effect of the storm is that Osiris will have worse visibility so his ability to tag my clones will be affected. I can actually play this to my advantage and grab some clouds with tactile telekinesis to make a thick cloud and make his visibility even worse:

He cannot camp in New York, I'll flush him out eventually and take him down.

What if he flees? I'll have my clones follow him at a safe distance carrying mirrors and eventually we'll get into a place sunny enough for me to enact my dirty mirror tricks. He just cannot run forever, we'll get him.

Other side notes

The ligthning situation again. Damborg is now claiming that Osiris managed to make Isis dodge a first bolt and then got hit by the second, here are the scans again:

There are bolts previous to Osiris jumping to save Isis but there is something else also: sound effects. For there to be sound the speed of sound must catch up with the ligthning bolt so the bolt we see in the first page already touched the sky. Hence we have no proof or reason to think Osiris somehow managed to evade a bolt in between panels? It's certainly not implied by the depiction. What we see is Osiris trying to take Isis away and eating a bolt despite them already being together.

Into the gas thing: the villain managed to run away from Osiris so he was out of comission shortly, that proves at least that Osiris needs to breath and his body can be affected by chemical manipulation (he also got drugged in the other scan I shared):


Damborg's plan had some good stuff going on for it but ultimately Osiris is just not that good and the misunderstanding of the battle area rules make the plan downright unviable.


My respect threads:Kang the Conqueror, Ultron, Devil Dinosaur, Michael Korvac
Captain America for High Street

Old Post Apr 16th, 2021 09:24 AM
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"The devil made me do it"

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Bentley's final post:

Thanks again to the judges, Phil and Damborg for making this debate possible. It's been fun to read through these comicbooks and it's wild that the tourney is running this smooth.

I think most of the arguments have been covered already so I'll do a final recap on the points judges should consider:

- My speed feats went unchallenged while the ligthning feat of Osiris's is pretty murky and a straightline tackle, not anything to compete vs mine.

- By going underground I accounted for the wide attack Damborg tried to unleash effectively making me disappear from his line of sight forever.

- He spends energy sustaining an attack that killed his character on panel while he had enhanced stamina.

- I'm attacking from several angles and sneaking on them, New York is perfect for that and the storm only makes it easier.

- My superior senses makes it impossible for Damborg to hide from me while the whole planet is the playground. He, on the other hand, cannot find me at all.

- He's not using Black Adam.

- I have provided a plan that can adapt to the possibility of the mirrors being opaque.

He's consistently throwing ligthning and dodging it, but I can reflect it through mirrors back to Osiris and make him transform back, he's literally given me a silver bullet to blast him with it each second. Ultimately once I weasel out of the initial onslaught he has zero opportunity to catch up with me.

So I believe I have a pretty good handle on this situation and everything has been proven by scans. Speed and hax together are just really hard to resist. What a crazy thing to helm a guy like this into a tourney

(please log in to view the image)


“Perhaps this is the ultimate freedom. The freedom to leave.”

Old Post Apr 19th, 2021 08:24 AM
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"The devil made me do it"

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Damborg's final post - Damborg has chosen to fortfeit his final post.

And with that, Judges, the match is done. Please PM me for any questions.


“Perhaps this is the ultimate freedom. The freedom to leave.”

Old Post Apr 19th, 2021 08:24 AM
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"The devil made me do it"

Gender: Male
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Diesldude's verdict:


Do we need this vote?

There is no suspense, we all know the winner in this match. Dambo is a knowledgeable poster that has come to terms with the limitations of thor. For that i give him much respect.

Now onto the match, Dambo lost this match, no suspense there, he lost because
1 he misconstrued the rules.
2. Kills his guy and his team right off the bat or finally
3. he knew from the start that that he was in a no win situation and threw the match.

I should pull a dambo and just forfeit writing the rest of my response and declare Bentley the winner.

So while Dambo was busy going nuclear and killing/ko his entire team, Bentley had shields up, ported to a different place and then ports back to finish the job.

Good job guys. It was pure joy to read the creative ways you two used your guys in a battle that resulted in a one way beatdown. thumb up

Oh and if I haven't stated this already, my vote goes to Bentley. Sorry Dambo.

Delta's verdict:


So Damborg forfeited, but I will be judging what has been posted.

Damborg's plan is to spam the area with lightning, destroying all reflective surfaces and trying to dry MM and Superboy, while Medusa and Atlas are ready for anything near. Damborg also brought up using a spell to turn nearby opponents into stone, but Bently argued it being Black Adam it doesn't count for Osiris, and Damborg gave no counterargument, so I will not be factoring this.

Bently plans on leaving the area to safety of another city, flooding the area with mirror clones and illusion while teaching Superboy to use the mirror gun, then keep them busy with more clones and illusions while Superboy snipes Osiris with mirror gun making Osirs blind and cut off from air.

Damborg nuking the city did hinder Bentley's plan somewhat on initial clones and illusions, but not entirely, didn't stop Bently from escaping the storm(something Bently anticipated), and in some ways backfired, making it harder for him to find the enemy.

Damborg also made the mistake of thinking this was a self BFR, and ran with it, wasting a good chunk of his post, arguing Bently screwed himself over with all reflective surfaces destroyed so he couldn't return. In fact the only other thing he argued in his second post was addressing it wasn't actually Deathstroke that Osiris faced.

Bently however did not self BFR, and adapted his plan by using mirrors elsewhere and bringing the ones to NY. And this is the point Damborg's plan backfired, the worsened visibility. Which Bently took advantage of and made worse using TTK to bring clouds in. Bently showed Superboy's senses so he's not at this disadvantage.

Bently recapped things while Damborg forfeit his closing post. With the strong arguments Bently was making and no attempt to counter from Damborg, my vote goes to Bently.


Congratulations Bentley, you advance to the FINAL.



“Perhaps this is the ultimate freedom. The freedom to leave.”

Old Post Apr 23rd, 2021 07:02 AM
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