Rodriguez, Leguizamo Join 'Humboldt Park'

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Freddy Rodriguez and John Leguizamo will star in Overture Films' family dramedy "Humboldt Park."

Story revolves around the return of three siblings to their parents' home for the holidays in Humboldt Park on Chicago's northwest side. State Street Pictures and 2DS Prods. are producing.

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arielle m.
I am so happy and glad that there is a movie coming out about where I live. finally humboldt park is put on the map. I love the fact that john leguizamo will be in the movie because he is straight up puerto rican and that is what humboldt park is made of: puerto rican culture
joel .r a.k.a f
it;s about time people recognize the latino community for movies .im glad these actors stuck to there roots and im sure it will be a good movie . thats all folkk's

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